i played poker for the first time!

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    and with CFS! I was invited by some new aquaintences to join them for "poker nite". I have been exhausted (CFS) more than my normal- but i decided to go anyways. I didnt want to try to learn poker because of cognitive problems- but somehow i got talked into it.

    you should have seen me trying to understand the rules and the lingo! HAHAHHA I had nooo idea what was going on! LOL. it would be my turn and i was like- emmm uhhhh duuhhh errrrr- "i raise the bet by 20" or "fold" or whatever. i would just look at my cards and it would make no sense at all to me- like hearing a foreign language. the people were really nice and kept explaining all the poker rules n lingo and stuff to me over and over again. (boy were they patient!)

    heres the kicker-- i won! i beat everyone! even though i totally dont understand the game! hahahh lol. it was just good luck/beginners luck on my part. not strategy or skill or anything. they couldnt believe i won! they were like- "you said you never played before- you hustled us!!" it was too funny. it was almost like my brain fog worked to my benefit!

    i just had to share this silly story!

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    OK. I'm seriously impressed with YOU!!!

    My brothers have tried to teach me to play the game, but they give up just about the time I get too bored/confused to bear it for another second.

    Perhaps the fact that I'm completely innumerate has something to do with it.

    Oh well. I suppose it's a good way for me to keep all my nickels! haha

    Good luck!

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    There is a great online poker video game thats free. I play it all the time to learn more.
    Its at http://www.youdagames.com/Governor+of+Poker-game-2818/

    I love it but it seems to be more fun with a glass of wine. hehe

  4. Janalynn

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    Good for you! Are you ready to hit Vegas now?!!

    My husband knows how to play poker - knows all the terminology. I just make him laugh with the words I make up.

    I LOVE Video Poker and am quite good at it. Have won quite a bit of money- that's fun to just play for fun if you're bored as well on your computer.
    You can play online (free)
    on freeslots dot com
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    Wow, winning!! Are you sure you were not just acting like you didn't know like the pool hustler's. LOL!!

    Years ago, BK, before kids, a bunch of us would gather on Friday nights to play poker. We only played for chips sometimes pennies.

    The last game was always where everyone holds a card, face up with you finger on the forehead and you bet as you can see every one's cards but your own.

    Before I caught on to the game I made a list of the combinations of cards to win. It took me several games to realize that I was using my finger to go down the list and everyone would be able to see where my finger stopped. This was BF, Before Fibrofog.

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    Making a long story short: first semester in college, first math class. Entire final exam was about probability theory. The prof provided the parameters and then asked for the probability of various outcomes. Every person in the class knew that he was describing the card game of poker. Everyone except me, that is. Think they might have had an advantage?

    I failed the exam and the course. Only time I have ever, over 18 years of education, failed an exam, much less an entire course. Thought my dad was going to refuse to pay for any more education. (He didn't)