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    I posted a picture on my profile. I decided to try and change it, but I can't get a different picture. Does anyone else have this problem??
    Anyway, this is the picture that I said that I love of my son standing in front of the jelly fish. The reflection is kind of cool.
    How is everyone? I just got back from the trip I mentioned a while back. Man, down south, a 4 hr. drive getting there. It was actually nice weather, not too hot. I lucked out. It was nice going with so many ladies in our church. I got some shopping in. They have a lot of strip malls that have a lot of sales. Went to an outdoor theater that is a big thing there and watched "Annie." Cute play. This place was way cool. You are sitting down in a area that has these huge red cliffs on both sides of you. Beautiful.
    If anyone can tell me what I need to do to change the picture, I've tried everything, already made it smaller, I go to browse, I even tried deleting Austin's picture that I have up..can't figure this out??
    Thanks all, I am still recovering from that trip. Sore body! I'm sure after a few days of taking it easy, I'll be fine.
    Love, Cynthia
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    Man, I look like a grandma! And my golden is getting grey too. lol.. he is the one that I am working with. I'm giving him the holistic treatment. He seems to be doing fine, no more bleeding in the tummy area, and also, that one has gone down in size. I love that dog!
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    I'll post the one of my son later. He's my baby almost 16. He's gone today, spending time in another town with family. Man, I don't like not having him home...
    Yes, I'm very grateful that my Grizz is doing well. He isn't limping as bad as he was. I've heard that these tumors can go up and down in size, I'm just hoping it's because of what I'm doing for him. At least I'm trying.
    Hope you are doing well. Hope all is doing well.....hey Rainbow. Sounds like you've been busy outdoors. It's been raining and raining, and I mean pouring! I haven't had to water, and we need it, but I have to say, I think I could use some sunshine about now. The weeds are getting out of control. All that rain.
    Well, take care all, and, someone else come on here and talk to me! I miss talking with you all.
    Love, Cynthia
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    That is so cool that you and Rain can meet! I hope it happens for you. If not this time, I'm sure it will happen, only three hrs? I wish I could meet someone on here. Anyone live close to Utah? AR. is close, but not that close. Maybe if they decide to come and visit the southern canyons...they are beautiful. I'll be praying that things work out for you two to get together.
    All of our family is now in Utah. I had a son going to a college in Kentucky, then off to John's Hopkins. He finally graduated at BYU, with his wife, same day. That was neat.
    Maybe I'll go and try to put Austin's picture up. I think it looks cute with his reflection. And to think, I'm wasn't even trying to be fancy with the camera. lol..
    Good luck on your plan!!!! Love, Cynthia
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    Saw both photos...theyre lovely....you seem so happy and what a wonderful doggie...always had something for those golden type doggies...

    that photo of your son gazing at the jelly fish..has such a cool feel to it..all that blue...does your son resemble you or his daddy?

    yesterday and today my leg muscles are giving me trouble...theyre stiff and make moving around appear like attempting to climb Mt Everest, hence grumpy. And the power is mostly off than on...so with the heat and no fans ...not in the best of moods meself..but Im enjoying reading all the posts...

    Thanks for posting those, have a good day

    God Bless
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    that our family is a His, Mine, and Ours family. We have 12 children together, so between the two of us now, we have 29 grandchildren. And, we actually have another on the way in Dec.

    Ahh, a picnic. That would be great. So many of us could go up one of our beautiful canyons here and have something yummy. :)

    Pheonix, is quite a ways away from us. :(

    Someone asked if Austin looks like me or his dad..I posted a picture of all three of us while in Mexico a couple of years back, see who you think he looks like. I did my best at downsizing the picture to download..over did. But you can see us pretty good. Austin looks older now, but everyone seems to think he looks like his dad.

    I am going to Wayn's post again now, seems he has something about chickens! Have to check it out. :p I will have to post a picture of the coop, it's almost done, waiting for the rain here to stop, so we can. My chicks, are pellets now. Funny, funny birds. Very different personalities.
    Love to all..Cynthia