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  1. loto

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    I'm afraid no one will check is as soon as people do here.
    I just got my hormone levels checked, and my estradiol is very high. My doctor wants to re-check in 6 weeks.
    This kind of has me concerned, even though I know my doctor isn't, yet!
    Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do for it???

  2. TigerLilea

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    You need to get tested every couple of weeks to get a true picture of your hormone levels as they fluctuate throughout the month. My doctor won't test progesterone or estrogen levels as she says it isn't an accurate way to diagnose anything unless you are looking to see if you are finished going through perimenopause. She relies more on symptoms as that gives her a better idea of what is going on.
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    There's lots of reasons why your estrogen could be high. During perimenopause it goes through cycles of being very high, low , and then high again until you really settle into menopause. You can also have an ovarian cyst that could be pumping out large amounts of estrogen. Ovarian cysts usually resolve themselves in 6-7 weeks. During perimenopause, I had several ovarian cycsts. When my estrogen came back high, they did an ultrasound and found a cycst and then rechecked 7 wk later to make sure it resolved.
  4. loto

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    for all of your replies!
    I'm finally having a little bit of relief with the lower ab (ovary) pain and PMS symptoms!!! Slowly, but hopefully surely going away for now!!
    So, ovarian cysts resolve themselves?? Do they come back, or keep coming back?? I was just totally kind of freaking out about all this, because it's something new to me. So, thanks to all of you guys, I now know why my gyno isn't quite so concerned at this point. He's been the best doctor I've ever had, and when he said just come back in 6 weeks, I thought I was being let down. But, I'm not.
    Thanks again
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    If it's an endometriosis type chocolate cyst then no -- those don't go away. Those are surgically removed. Lots of us have endo with this crud.

    Do you know what kind of cyst this is? They can tell with ultrasound usually.

    Functional cysts from "screwed" up ovulation do go away on their own but can be super painful. I had one once that was 8 cm. which cut the flow of urine off from my left kidney. For that I was hospitalized for 4 days.

    Most of the time, a high estrogen level indicates LOW progesterone. If you are having bleeding issues I'd would try some bioidentical progesterone cream from a compounding pharmacy. Do NOT mess with synthetic progestins. Those are not natural to the body and that was the patent medicine that was shown to cause cancer in the studies they did on HRT.

    You'll probably need to see a holistic physician or anti-aging doc as most Ob/Gyn's and other docs don't know beans about hormones. Even the endocrinologists who are supposed to know only want to take care of diabetics.

    I would also read any of Suzanne Somers books on bioidenticals. They have a lot of info in them.
  6. loto

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    for all of the info.
    I don't know what type of cysts are on my ovaries. Probably the functional ones you mentioned.
    I had my uterus removed back in June, so I don't have any bleeding issues now, but I did before that. I had periods from HELL!
    Anyway, do you know if pain during urination can be caused by these also? Because I have sharp pains that kind of shoot up toward my stomach when I push urine out. It's the weirdest thing I've ever experienced. Yes, I had blood and urine tested for infections of any kind, and a culture from inside my privates a couple of weeks ago when this all started, and no infections there either.
    So, unless this all gets worse, or something, I'll just wait until Dec. 22 to get my hormone level rechecked like my gyno tells me to do.
    So, he did prescribe Urelle for the painful urination. It does help when I remember to take it. I'm taking 2 other pain meds now for my Fibro, so I always forget to take the Urelle! I hate popping so many pills, and I try to space them all apart so as not to swallow them all at the same time.
    Please let me know if any of this sounds familiar to you!!!! I'm going crazy with this!!!

  7. loto

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    Munch, I called my doctor because I want to know the reason for my lower ab pain and pain during urination.
    Finally heard back today, and they're scheduling a CT scan of my lower ab and pelvis. Also have to get bloodwork done. Didn't ask what kind of bloodtest they're going to do, though.
    Didn't think of asking when I was on the phone with the nurse.
    At least I'll get some answers, hopefully!
    Nurse is going to call me back as soon as she gets the CT scan pre-approved by my insurance. She's sending me to get it at a place that will be able to get me in soon, so obviously my doctor wants answers as soon as possible also. I'm so glad I have him as a gyno. He's very thorough and compassionate.
    I'll let u know what I find out.

    Just got called back. the labs I'm getting done are: CBC, CMP, Sed Rate, and a complete urinalysis. I'm also getting the CT scan done tomorrow already. [This Message was Edited on 11/19/2009]
  8. munch1958

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    I hope you don't have to drink the berry flavored gunk. Yuck. Let us know what they find when you get the results. Good luck!
  9. loto

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    I had the banana flavored drink. It was ok for about half of it, then i just wanted to puke, it was hard getting the rest down!

    So, I just heard from nurse---now I have to get an ultrasound tomorrow morning to compare to the CT scan. Looks like it may be a cyst on my ovary. After the scan, it'll be a few hours till I see the doctor. So, looks like I won't know anything definite till tomorrow afternoon. I knew there was something in there that's not supposed to be.

  10. loto

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    it is a functional cyst on my ovary. It is 6 cm (this morning). Doctor says it should go away within a couple of weeks, and he wants to do an ultrasound in 4 weeks to re-check it.
    So, that's what has been causing all my problems. Wow, I'm glad it wasn't anything serious.
    I won't have to have anything removed unless it does this 3 or 4 times a year. Don't know why the heck it kept growing beyond the norm. Well, that's me though. Everything goes wacko on me, it seems.