I posted this elsewhere, but worth sharing to everyone

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    The following is info about IBS. I wrote this to a responce to a question, but I feel the need to share with all. I know lots of us share this ugly ailment so please read.

    IBS shows itself in many forms.

    Mainly diarea, constipation, and the biggest ugly of all BLOATING~! Bloating and pain in the abdomin that makes you look temporarly 6 months pregnant it the WORST! The best way to find out for sure is to have an lower GI (barium enema)done. Not the nicest of test, but it can easily show your colon in overdrive.

    Another thing to remember is...

    My mother died of Colon Cancer and her doctor told me that IBS is NOT something to ignore. He said that IBS patients tend to get colon cancer later on and if you have IBS you should be getting colonscopes done on a regular basis. I am 35 and have to have one every three years due to my mom's cancer onset started at age 45. when I turn 40, it MUST be done EVERY year.

    Please remember this advice to all of those with IBS,

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    Hi Lena! Thanks for posting this important info. :) Hope you have a great holiday season.

    My mother's sister died of colon cancer around 1985 or so.

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    My mother was DX when she was only 45 with a football size tumor, so who knows when it actually started. When doctors try and tell you that you are TOO YOUNG, tell them to stick it LOL!

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    I really gotta get my behind (literally) to the doc soon. I was born with infections, had IBS like symptoms with bloody diarreas for 3 years, after that no blood, just diarreas/ constipation with lots of bloating/pain. At age 19 I had hundreds of polys, my chocked doc said. I had to keep checking every 6 months which I never did (young and dumb). Gotten worse lately with lots of pain, usually without bloating although it feels like it,,,painful and disabling,,,. My grandmother died from stomach cancer after having lots of pains for many years, lower tract too, bu that was in the old days when diagnosing was less fancy. Thanks for reminding me, I've been in denial for too long.
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    I think we might share a name?

    Lena? Thats my name.
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    LOL! I hope it wont confuse our fellow members,,,
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    Not a lot of us Lena's these days, what are the odds of TWO in this board at same time LOL!!!

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    Hi, thought I would bump this to aid in IBS and bowel questions as I have became (due to experience not schooling LOL) an expert about IBS stuff. LOL

    Besides what I bumped, I also wanted to bring up the fact that bowel changes can be quite normal for IBS sufferers! Mucus and undigested food is common.

    But I always want to stress...GO SEE DOCTOR BEFORE ASSUMING YOU HAVE IBS OR ANYTHING!! I dont mind sharing my overwealth of IBS and colon info, but none of us are doctors. The info we share is to help set minds at ease till you see doctor.

    What I wish I knew was the common factor between IBS and Fibromyalgia!!!!!

    Take care,
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    I agree with you on this, for years I suffered from IBS (so I thought) then I got REALLY ill and ended up in hospital 5 days. I had a fever that would not go down and I broke out in sores from head to toe. Found out I had Crohn's Disease and probably had it for a good 10 years.

    Pays to get it checked out.