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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jtbear, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. jtbear

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    I have been having recurring swelling at the back of my neck between my shoulder blades lately. It is in the are where you sometimes get what they call a "buffalo hump" (nice term, huh). Anyway, it just happens at random, is very painful, and becomes very red. I use heat and/or ice to try to calm it down, which helps somewhat. I have had FM for years and also lupus; have not taken any new meds lately, just the regular array of pills, including neurontin at night (900 mg).
    My question: does anyone else have this happen and if so, have you gotten any answers? I was a nurse for 25+ years (before having to quit work alltogether) and have done a little research online, which I read about Cushing's Disease.
    Can anyone share if they have had this problem and what may have worked for them.
    Thanks for any response.
  2. maryl

    maryl New Member

    I have something similar with my fibro. I use a compound (Rx) called ketoprofen cream. It makes it more tolerable. I am also a disabled nurse but do not have the lupus, so I am concerned about what your dr. would want you to do. Also, warm gentle showers may be better than the heating pad tho because I've heard the dry heat tends to be harder on the muscles. Hope you're feeling better. Mary
  3. jtbear

    jtbear New Member

    Thank you for your response. I do take longer showers because it does temporarily feel so good. I will look into the cream. With the Lupus dx, I am not sure what tests will be ordered, but I plan to ask for blood tests to start which would give me some perspective on whether or not it is just fibro related. Then, go from there, if need be. I just hate being tested and tested and tested again. I also use the "bed buddies" that I made, which can be a more moist heat than a heating pad.
    Again, thank you for your reply.
    Have a good day :)
  4. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    You can get a saliva test done. I don't have any real advice, because I haven't yet had my appointment to go over the results. I think there are a lot of posts here on adrenal fatigue/exhaustion and how to support it. There would be much more information there than what can I offer.

    As far as I know, a blood test is not helpful because it only offers one number out of context. Some say that a saliva test isn't much better, so I don't know, but it seems like it would help as adjunct information.

    There are different labs that will let you buy them independently, I think. I did mine through my doctor, but insurance didn't cover it. It was with ZRT labs, and I bought the kit at a compounding pharmacy.

    Anyway, I think that you don't have to have a diagnosis of Cushings or Addison's to get treated, which is to say to have your adrenals supported and come into balance again.

    I think there are threads that would answer many of your questions.

    As soon as I get all my lab results in, I'll post on what my doctor has to say, to compare it to what other people have heard and done. I hope we find out what this is all about.

  5. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    for jtbear
  6. redrock

    redrock New Member

    I know all too well. Big problem for me. One doctor told me it was a neck strain. (Like chronic whiplash). When I have a flare I have to lay down. Sitting just makes it ten times worse. I have iced and it helps a little bit. I also have a heating pad (my angel) but it just went on the brink(sad). I really feel like I have disc problems but my dr. told me I don't need an mri. I don't know if they show up on x-rays. Anyway it is painful to ice but I will do it in an extreme flare and heat and if you can get in for massage it will help. In a flare it takes about a week and a half to get it manageable. Good luck.
  7. jtbear

    jtbear New Member

    Both of you were very helpful. I was told a couple of years ago when I had lower back surgery for 3 discs that I had a problem higher up, so this may be something I need to look into again. Thanks for mentioning it.
    As far as blood tests are concerned, according to the Cushing website, there are indicators that can be looked at in order to see what direction to take. I think first I will go to the ortho neuro guy and just take it from there.
    Thanks again for all the responses I have received. I will try to be more diligent in checking the board to see if there is any way I can help anyone or provide support.
    I am doing the "Gramma Day" with my grandkids today at my daughter's house so as far as today's medicine, that's about as good as it gets.

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