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    YOu pray and pray and even when you try to do everything right to battle CFDIS and yet my bizarre
    sandpaper dry fire ant like burnign biting tickling, constantly in my bronchials whre it started with a dry dry non productive burnign intermitten
    cough, now it's gone into the tongue mouth throat along with flu like illness symptoms etc,

    I take very low dose medication cause conventional medicine is bad about just giving out meds and not trying to look at root causes (i guess cause they don't know). on the other hand the holistic view is cut out all toxins including MEDS cause they are all toxic per the holistic practioners, and the body will heal NO Matter what get it into the perfect balance GOd made it originally in and it will heal
    body is given what it needs to heal and inperfect balance

    So I am caught inthe stress of trying to nix meds and with CFS you can'tsleep period and thetype of pain I have is so unorthodox (i guess everyone's
    is to them too), because of the sensory distortation in the brain of CFS people and the immune abnormalities and nuerendocrine (quoted from teh CFIDS
    research and review)

    I try and try and cry and pray for relief and i get panicy when the thing even before i wnet into CFS I started having this dry dry feeling in my bronchials with felt like thousands of feathers tickling adn i wanted to RIP open my chest and spray some relief on it, then it went into burnign non productive cough after the "mainstream" drs. here gave me steroids and antibiotics that further disregulated my immune system per my CFS dr., and I get scared will i have to live like this all of my life?

    I asked the REst ministries moderator WHY when we cry out to the LORD dayafter day for just some reprive does't he help us many times he is silent ,
    the bible tells us that and the WHY I guess i know we don't know why, per
    DR. James Dobson of Focus on the Familyl

    Well sorry to go on just venting some frustration been bedridden so much
    lately to boot,

    AS far as pain, the type of pain i described is not classic pain, although now i have the fibromyalgia type body pain also, BUT i never minimize any elses pain

    my saying is this " Pain is relative to the person who has it, whether it's migraine, or whatever their pain is as real to them as anyone's "

    I get fired up looking at some of these cleaning health clinics like one i foudn under juice fasting it's in portugal and i think maybe if i juice fasted long enough and nixed ALl meds, my body would heal, BUT i'm l25 lbs now and everytime i try this i can't sleep pain is worse and i end up binging cause i'm 42 lbs. below normal wght for my hgt. SO what is the answer

    I don't know just venting after reading something about scientelogy etc.

    paul mark
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    I as so very sorry that you are going through this. Dr. Cheney is such an experienced doc with CFIDS that if it were me, I would stick with what he tells you. What does he say to do about this horrible pain? There must be some kind of treatment for it.

    You can go to our Worship Forum here to request prayer. There are tons of people linked together with other prayer sites who pray for anyone who needs it. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie