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    Well earlier today I was feeling on a high day, then went down hill and had to see my internal medicine doctors for some shot relief to my lower back, shoulder, chest and part of my neck....lucky for my my husband was able to finally come to one of my appointments and was able to meet them both and talk about Fibro, I had told him about the Rheumy who didn't know much on Fibro, one of the internal med doctor stated he has been treating Fibro patients for 20 years ( YAY! ) finally I told myself, someone who understands.

    I was sooo happy hubby came and was able to hear this doctor explain my ups and downs and to listen to my body, how he and family should be my back bone when I need them and not to look down at me thinking it's in my head...as he talked tears came to my eyes, for about 10 years I have been suffering with pain , and it just been getting worst with fatigue and among other things.

    I never thought these two internal medicine doctors I just started going to for the past 3 months knew anything about Fibro......I figured they where only there to do the shots to relief my pain when my GP referred me to them......I should have paid more attention when she spoke, but lately I have been really bad keeping my attention span on people when they speak too long.

    sorry to ramble on that but I am excited that one more doctor besides my GP and chiro finally understood, now I just need to find me a Rheumy who knows how to deal with Fibro patients.

    Soo my topic.... I was searching the net looking for other ways to relieve pain, I found a person explaining she read that Bowen Therapy helped this other women with her Fibro...so the women who read about it decided to see a Bowen Therapist, she states that she went into a long process of getting therapy work from this Bowen Therapist and after awhile she did get a relief so much so she states she is cured!!

    now mind you, I just got back earlier today from my internal med doc's and in one of the conversations I do remember him explaining to my hubby there is NO cure for Fibro, that there are remedies to help with some pain, but that Fibro patients will still have their lows and high days, some more then others due to CFS and among other problems....sooo my question is anyone else heard of this Bowen Therapy cure for Fibro? or is this person just another one of those patients that got sucked into your cured, but really in the end your not?

    Thanks for reading and replying, I am tired off to bed now ttyal ( talk to you all later )

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