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    I am so very fustrated about everything. I have not even been to the doctor yet to remove stitches from surgery, my arm itches so badly. Cannot go in the cast with a hanger to scratch it. My feet are killing me when I walk on them. The bottoms hurt. My husband is out of town, I feel lonely. I received a phone call from the LTD Insurance Company saying my claim is still in review. And that same day I received my denial letter from Social Security Office. Bad day, bad week.

    I still have nightmares about the Neuro from H_LL who did my EMG and Nerve Conduction test. I am serious, NIGHTMARES.
    I would not watch him do the needle test due to my fear of needles. He hurt me so badly that I screamed and punched his wall. My new Neuro said he offers patients something to help relax them for this test. I was offered nothing. Once, I called my X-Neuro because I was in such pain. The doctor on call happened to be my X-Neuro. He told me that I was not going to die and that if I went to the hospital he would not meet me there. I was crying on the phone while speaking to him. He could care less how I was feeling. This is the same Neuro who yelled at me to NEVER say Fibromyalgia in his office again. He said Fibromyalgia was nothing more than a fancy name for clinically depressed people and that I should see a Shrink. Needless to say that is why I have a new Neuro. However, I am still haunted by the way my past Neuro treated me. In one of my nightmares he injected a virus in me and told me I would die. When will it end.

    Saturday I will get more bloodwork done and an ultrasound of my liver. The two last bloodtest I had showed high liver enzymes. I really don't need any more problems. Between Hypothyroid not in check yet and liver I seem to give blood too often. I am ready to quit all my Rx's and doctors and start over.

    The highlight of my day tomorrow will be going to Doctor to remove my cast and stitches. Hope I don't have to go to therapy too long. My dear daughter has 9 weeks before she has her baby and I know it is hard on her to take me to so many appointments. This will have to end after the baby is born so that she may recover. I hope I will be able to help her because she has been helping me so much. Wish me luck, I will need it. Thanks for reading my long venting post.Take care now.
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    Sorry you are going through so much.

    Your ex-Neuro sounds like a real wierdo! I'm glad you dumped him! In fact, you probably should file a complaint with your state Medical Board, if you feel up to it. Especially about all that pain with the needles!

    I had elevated liver enzymes for a couple of years. My doctor didn't seem concerned, so I wasn't. How naive of me, eh? But now they seem to be in the "acceptable"range, so I guess all is well...?

    At least you will feel better getting your cast off, right? That itching can drive a person CRAZY!

    Is this your first denial from Soc Sec? Do you plan to file your claim again?

    Hang in there. Who knows, things MAY get better !
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    Hi Hurtsalot2~~Your x-neuro was out of line, unethical, and unprofessional. As a therapist, it sounds to me that you are suffering from PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) from your experience with him as "nightmares" are a classic symptom.

    I would encourage you to write him a letter telling him exactly how you feel, how you've been affected by his negligent care and unprofessional treatment, and that you are considering filing a complaint against him with the AMA (or whoever his licensing board is). I guarantee you that will get his attention! The important thing is to relieve and resolve the emotional & psychological damage (PTSD) that he has inflicted on you. PTSD can lead to various manifestations (symptoms) such developing phobias to physicians, surgery, needles, medical personnel, and/or trigger other issues.

    It is important to regain your sense of personal power and not feel victimized by him, and getting it all out in a letter is one of the most effective therapies for doing this. Even if you choose not to mail it--write it all out anyway. You sound very tramatized by the ordeal. Don't allow him to get away with unethical, unprofessional, and negligent/abusive behavior. You might save someone else from going through the same stressful trauma you did.

    Take this seriously because it is causing you serious emotional & psychological distress. Blessings, Carol....

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    Donna and Carol I want to thank you both. My daughter feels the same as you Carol. She has asked me several times to report him and possibly sue him. I am not the type of person who likes all these law suits. But I will probably report him as I feel it may do me some good mentally. Thanks for caring. Take care.
    PS Donna,I hope I am lucky as you were with the Liver enzymes. This was my first denial and I will file an appeal.

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    Does anyone have any suggestions. What can I do to get my feet to stop hurting? Yesterday they hurt badly to walk on them. Today they still hurt to walk on but now the whole foot hurts whether I am sitting, standing or walking. Has anyone experienced this and what did you do about it? It is both feet. Thanks.
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    How are they allowed to be practicing?
    Good luck kiddo. Switch docs until the right one comes along.
    Here is hoping all the dingbat docs out there that think its a mental condition WAKE-UP and smell the coffee.

    Soft teddy hugs.
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    Since my Doc put me on ami I am not nearly as achy but do have the sore feet. Really sore on the bottom - hurts to put my weight on them. Also have a kind of crampy feeling across the top and in the arches. I don't know what to do about it. I have another appointment with my Doc on the 20th and that is on my list of questions. Doesn't seem to matter what shoes I wear or if I am barefoot. I'll let you know what he says................Hope you are feeling better. WLE
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    One thing you might try for the itching under you cast is to set a hair blower on cool and direct it inside. I did this years ago when I broke my ankle, and it really did help.

    If you find out how to get your feet from hurting, I'd love to know too! For the past several months, it's been a question of how much does it hurt today, with no complete relief. (big sigh!!!)
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    I am sorry to hear about your experience with the doctor. My opinion of neuro's is not very good either. I took my daughter to a neuro many years ago and he told me there was nothing wrong with her. He told me to stop imagining things and get a life. Years later she was diagnosed autistic by a very competent person in that field. IMHO neuros are the pits. Put it out of your mind what he said to you.

    For your feet, you prob have plantar fascitis. Try rolling your feet back and forth over a rolling pin or rolled towel. Then ice them down in bags of frozen peas. Madwolf had a great post on this a while back. He suggested using a wine bottle (chilled) instead of the rolling pin and I am going to try that. It does work if you are consistent with it. Try not to go barefoot. My rheumy told me to wear thick soled sneakers all the time. Nurses shoes are the best.

    Good Luck