I really don't know what to do?

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    I have started my filing for disability. I am wondering if how I have started to do this is right? I have had a interview over the phone and now I have beeen sent papers to fill out for all the doctors & hospitals that I have been treated in. And as soon as I have put the names of the doctors & hospitals on the top of the papers I am to send them back to the SS deptarment for them to look at and find out if what I have told them is really true.

    I have spoken to a lawyer and he would not take on my case saying that I have to file and be rejected first so that he will know what it is he needs to assist me with. I need to have a rejection that tells him what the weakness's are in my case. What I have maybe left out or how things were looked at did I need to have tests run to assist with the proving of my disability? Things like that. I am a bit worried though I know that I don't have a straight forward case to look at.

    As I have fibromyaligia, Chronic MEyofacial Pain syndrome,degenerative disc diesase, Bulging disc's L4-L5* L5-S1, arthriitis in my left wrist caused by my falling and shattering the wrist and having to need a titaium plate and 6 screws implanted, the bones in the wrist were so badly shattered that I have lost some mobility in the wrist and the wrist is always swollen and so tender to the touch, it is not ever going to be the way it was before I did this gracefull falling. It still causes me a great deal of pain and I can't to do repitive work such a dental assisting, typing, { After about 10 minutes I am hurting and my wrist is swelling and I get shooting pains that run up my arm.

    I was told my the ortho that I could NOT ever work again with this wrist as the damage that I did to it was so great. I know that about 8 weeks after my surgery to put the puzzle back to gether it already had arithritis in it. And it will only get worse not better.

    Then you move on to my back and the pain I have from it is a daily battle as I can't stand for longer than about 5 minutes or my thighs will stiffen up and I have a struggle to move again. And it burns badly like I done something to it. I also have a problem when i sit for any legnth of time I can't stand up and put weight on my legs they are so stiff and it is like I am not going to have the ablitlty to hold my self up right and I will fall so I try to staighted my legs and try to walk but it really hurts and I am not even really able to explain what this feeling is for me.

    I may have the ability to write my felings to you all but to write to some one else or discribe the pains adn feelings that I have each day of my life I can't find the right words to say to discribe what is happening to me. And how the sanding and sitting effect me and even now to you I can't put it in to words that really tell you what is happening to me. Right now my back is hurting so much and it is deep in the lower back region and feels like someone has used a rolling pin on it to straighten it out.

    Still there is sometihng missing in the discription I am giving to you about how I am feeling nowI have just been zapped with a electrical shock running down my legs it is so painfull to me and it goes from my lower back right down to my feet and toes. the pain in my back is so bad that I hurt right down to the bones and still I am missing the word that would tell you what and how I feel. I can't find that word and it scares me to know that I really hurt but I can't tell the doctor what it really is that hurts me. Or what test I need t find out the why's and where for's in the reason for my pain.

    So since I am not good at getting my words to discribe what this horriable pain is in my knees, they have hurt since i was in my teens. And I was told to give the names of doctor from the past 5 years that I have seen for my pain or disability problems. Dr.Terry was the best ortho doctor I ever had he was so great and so cute but I was 20 maybe 21 so he was a young doctor not the usual doctors I had seen at that time in my life.

    But I have NO clue as to where to find him and I have not seen him in many years. And the doctor that did all three of the scopes on the right knee has now retired and is one of the insurance doctors who just Eveluate and and now he is one of the bad guys mixing up records adn things that were said.

    Before I lose all feeling in my wrist except for the pain I wanted to ask you something, As my husband and I were going to a family party today we were talking about some one reading my medical charts and looking at them as a impartal person never knowing me and they will be reading that I have been taking narcotic pain pills for most of my life.

    And that I have had doctors that had no clue as to why i was having pain when there was no reason to have it. And I also have it in a chart from one of a doctor I saw about 8 years ago who stated that I was a drug seeker, not only that but I was addicted to perscription painnarcotic medicatations.

    I am worried that comments like this will get me a great big HELL NO your not going to get disablility.

    I have taken pain pills adn muscles relaxants since I started having periods I had the worst cramps and I would have them so badly that i would almost faint from the pain and I did several times and my doctor would give me shots of demoral and pherghan when I was in my teens and early 20's .

    So I am a bit scared taht they the SS people will think I am addicted to the narcotic;s that I take. And once again I will be up a creek without a paddle. Maybe I just don't know enough about what it takes to qualify for disabiblity but I am worried that things that were written in my chart wil be twisted & mixed to gether to make a r eport that is a jumble of all the records mixed to gether, Do they do that? I have a reason in asking this.

    A few years ago I filed for unemployment and I had to put all the doctors for the past 15 years and I did . Then I met with theire doc who saw me for about 10 minutes and that was that, then he wrote a 25 page report aboaut me and my history and the things that he wrote were not even true or real and they didn't happen the way he wrote tham down, such as a statement Jan 26th 1982 Paitent seen in ER for breakthough pain. Asking for narcoitc meidcatations.
    Yes I was in the hospital but not in the ER but the the OB section in delivery section giving birth to my daughter who was 3 weeks early and nothing was mentioned about my having a baby that day just that I was asking for pain meds.
    So I want to know if the people who read my medical history will do that to me too? I want them to know and read the truth and not what some doctor who is looking to find a reason to deny me . Will this person take the histoory that I have provided to them and make it in to something that is not what really happened to me like the WC doctor did.

    By not mentioning I had a baby and had a real reason for being in the hospital and for aking for pain meds. ARe the disability doctors going to take what they read and make it in to their own story about me and the story will not be ture or real and the things that they write will not be the truth.?

    I am scared taht this will happen again. My husband said that if some one looked at my history they would think that I was a drug abuser and not even go on to read what the problems were that caused my need for narcoitc pain use. Please tell me if I am making since to you in the questions I have asked you?

    I may be just worried about nothing but after having a doctor take one part of a day in my life and totally make it sound like it was some thing that did not happen to me.

    I am worried about this type of treatment and I just want the doctor so know waht really has happened to me and not what some doctor has read and them made up his version of my life and history. I am going to call the doctor that I have seen and talk to them and make sure that what they send is very clear about what the condions I have are.
    And to make it readable and very understandable and honest. Not something made up , I just want them to know taht the problems that I now are real and not a figment of my imanagation.

    Sorry if this is so long and sounds all mixed up . I really did not mean for it to come out this way ,I just want to have teh people at the disability to know that on Jan 26th 1982 I really was in the delivery room giving birth to my daughter not in the ER asking for narcotic pain meds for my "BREAK-THROUGH PAIN.

    sorry that this post is so long.
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    ellie5320 New Member

    goodluck Rosmarie it is much harder over there than in Australia my dr filled in centrelink paper work included specialist documents & govt dr didn't even examine me he said my rheumy was well respected he agreed with his diagnoses. then I got my pension and hubby got carers pension hope yours goes smoothly
  3. Muddieanne

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    I know it isn't easy but stay calm--you will get SSD eventually. Be prepared to be denied at first.SS denies two out of three people on the first try.

    Then get back to the lawyer and he or she will handle the reconsideration paperwork and then you will be accepted.

    Don't drive yourself crazy over this, be patient and follow lawyer's advice. It takes time, remember you have waited this long to file.

    You live in a state with a small population so you won't wait as long as some of us had to.

    Don't listen to everyone's opinion if they haven't gone through the process.

    DO NOT GIVE UP! The government denies so many the first time because they know a large number of people will give up ,so that is less money the gov. gives out.

    Good luck,you will win. Marie
  4. Beadlady

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    I'm looking into a resource for you--& I will also need to get permission from Pro Health whether they will let me post to you the info.

    So Keep your fingers crossed.
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    first of all, sorry you are having a difficult time. it is so frustrating that others have power over us to determine whether we get benefits for our disability, and doctors as to whether we are deserving, even when we are so ill and struggling. for the most part, your medical records will speak for themselves. SS should get a full copy. Yes, their examiner might distort them, but remember that to the extent they make you seem worse, this may help your end goal of getting benefits. it isn't fair that they don't get everything exactly accurate, but what you want in the end is a correct decision. i pray that you get it.

    it seems that the most important thing is that you have docs on your side. Could you get the doc who said that you can't work because of your wrist to make a statement to that effect? That seems like it would carry the day. Blessings to you. Jen102
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    i filed for disability 3 yrs ago. i just got approved this past august.

    during my wait i did alot of looking around on the www.
    i came across a very helpful page at the ssi site.

    after i read it i knew i had won. the page tells you how they go about deciding your case .

    here is the site. i hope it helps you. it did me.


    good luck to you, xo kim xo
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    Somebody here gave the best advice about filing...

    They said, stick to a few things easily documented in the past five years.

    If you have been seen, tested, treated and/or medicated for anything, write that in.

    In my case, I have a MRI film that SHOWS a syrinx, a cyst in my spinal cord - this is an allowed SSDI claim. I have a neck injury too, but these are the worst claims to file. Too many people try to get over on the system with false *hurt my back* claims, and a lot of 'em have a spy watch them, to see if they're really hurt.

    I have been CT'd, MRA'd, MRI'd, EEG'd medicated, and seen by a GP and Neurologist - and been to an ER for migraines. These tests were also used in my MS testing.

    I have been seen by neuro and GP, medicated, for CFS.

    Ditto for chronic pain.

    All of this would be on my SSDI claim. They can't disprove I have any of those things.Now all I have to do is tell them how it affects me.

    Keep it simple, direct.

    Can't go anywhere w/migraine. Sensitive to light and sound.

    Can't concentrate w/ fatigue or pain. Hurts 24/7 since'99. Did NOT quit my job; got fired for lack of productivity - used to be a good worker. Can't add even with a calculator - my job was Sales!

    SM - hands go numb when I lift. Spasms and increased, uncontrolled pain get worse in winter. Lose control of hands - weakness, pain. Can't feel hot/cold.

    Vertigo and blurry vision get worse in heat/summer. Sometimes fall down.

    CFS - Sleep 12-14 hrs a day, even w/meds.

    See? Short and sweet. I know, you want to do a documentary - but they don't have time to deal with too much from all of us. Think about that workload!!!OMG!


    They (SSDI people) know DR records are full of stuff that's wrong. So, to prove YOU are not wrong, the records are (and you are SO lucky to have this!) Bring your daughter's birth certificate! THAT is PROOF that the record about that ER trip was WAY off base, and it will lend a BIG bunch of reliability to YOU, and BLOW the wrong false records right down.

    Good luck with it.
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    After having to fight SS for disability for my husband. I can tell you it is a long painfull process. No matter what your medicals say you are going to be turned down! You can only grt an atty after you are turned down. Don't worry about the drug seeker part. We all have to many problems to worry about little things like that. We have to get through every single day in more pain then most people ever have to deal with. Go for it. Good luck and GOD bless.
  9. mymissy

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    Please go ahead and file. I had the same problems you have plus nerve damage from back surgery. Yes, I was turn down the first time. Then I got ahold of the BTS Group. It is a group of former S.S. reps who were tired of seeing people denied disability and formed a company who now helps people get it. I first filed in June of 2004, was turned down in Nov. 2004. I hired the BTS Group in Dec. 2004 and was awarded disability April 30th, 2005 without having to go before a judge. My records spoke for themselves. TO check out this group just type in btsgroupinc in search. I did all my work with them over the phone and thru the mail. Very, very nice people. But first and more important is for you to file and don't let the social security people get to you.
    Good Luck and God Bless


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