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    Hi to all ,
    I finally got the job I was after to work at tjMaxx and on my 3rd day I was to work from8-4 and at breakd at 10:30 I told one of the girls that I work with that my back really hurt and from no where out of the blue I started crying I told the co-worker that I was of but still I had to talk to the manager I told her that I had a back ache but she wanted detail so I told her I have 2 buldging discs she wanted to send me home right then but I told her I had taken my meds and was ok during the next hour and a half I couold feel eyes watching me I would strech and shift my wiieight from foot to foot and at lunch I was called into the office and sent home becasue some one had told that I was crying in the lounge and I have to get anote from my MD stating all my restrictions so early monday morning I am going to the doc and ask him to put into the note that I can't lift more than 15 lbs and I can't push heavey things like carts that really weigh alot now I know the first rule is never cry at work I know that I was so osver whelmed with all the that my life has thrown me losing MIL and possiibly a divlrce and all the rest of the emotional stuff I cry so easy and now I may have really messed up because of crying and telling them of my back problems I need this job and want it I worked really hard I know my restrictions and when it makes you hurt you don't do it . Darn I hope that I did not screw up my husbamd told me the day I got the job that I would not last 3 weeks I may not even make it 2 weeks if I can't control my tear ducts . I know all of you and I have been on this forum before but I had a problem and had to change name but from what I write I think you will know who I am thanks . Rose - marie
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    I am so sorry this is happening to you :( But I am a strong beleiver in "things happen for a reason". Whatever you do, please get documentation of everything, so just in case, in the future; if you ever have to apply for disability this will help prove your case. It's very understandable, you being emotional and everything, so please, don't come down so hard on yourself. You can only give it your best shot, after that, I'd put it in Gods hands.......

    Take good care.......

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    Go to the dr, get your note and all. Hand it to whoever you need to and then let the girls you work with know how embarassed you are that you let your emotions rule for a moment at work. I would do it with laughter and say something like its all that hubbys fault getting me in such an emotional stew with the divorce and all. Tell them you will try and not be a ninny at work and save it for home and then laugh. If you do it with humor it draws them into you and they laugh with you instead of all keeping you at arms length cause you are the emotional one. Every female has been a ninny at some time or another. There are probably 100 different ways to diffuse the situation but just being human seems the easiest.
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    You've just got too much pressure on you in trying to do this new job without support on the homefront. No wonder you feel like crying.

    First, your employer is scared to death of a workers comp claim which could really increase their rates. They are doing what is best for them and for you in requiring a doctor's OK for you to work.

    Usually, job applications ask if there is any reason you cannot do the job. If lifting is part of the job, you need to be honest and tell them up front that you have limitations. It costs a lot to train new employees, get them into the employee system, and cover them with workers comp. That is why they ask these questions.

    Do a reality check and be honest with yourself. Are you able to do this kind of work? I know we all want to believe we are still able to do the things we used to do, it's denial, but every once in a while, we need to take an honest look at where we are. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    My heart goes out to you. Don't beat yourself up over the crying episode. You were feeling overwhelmed, with good reason! I just have to ask if this is the only kind of job you could find. Working in retail is brutal. You're always on your feet and that can't be too good for your back.
    Good luck and I sure hope things will look up for you soon.