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    Well, my first blood test results came in as you might have read on some of my messages and I had my second appointment set up for Friday the 12th of September,2008.
    Of course with the way my luck is going the last few years the office was closed as we were waiting for Ike to hit Houston, and as you all might be aware of, it did, and with a vengeance. I seems as though I can't get my life going forward as each time I have something important planned be it a very important job interview in 2004 also on a Friday with the housing authority in Florida we had a slew of Hurricanes following each other and everything was out of commmission for quiet a while, including the housing authority and most of the property where I worked and since then it's been stress, loss of siblings life, loss of energy, pneumonia, pleurisi etc... etc... and now this. I was tested positive for Fibr/cfsime from the first set of tests which put my househould in the poor house as those tests, are very expensive. Sorry for blabbing I am just so upset! Second visit resechedule to yesterday and I got some more ATP 20 at $20.00 a bottle plus the doctors visit, and since I couldn't afford the blood tests I was told by Dr. Salvato (Houston,TX) "well we won't do the follow up blood tests now since you don't have insurance or the cash, so I'll write you some prescriptions for pain, sleep and anxiety and when you have the money come back for the blood tests and after those come in we will decide on the treatment for the Fibro/cfsdime just keep in mind it will be expensive". My energy level is at 25.4 and she wants to bring up to at least 30 for now, but still no treatment. I spent the night crying as my husband doesn't have insurance either and this DD is killing us since I haven't worked in 9 months. I started the process SSDI but no answer yet since IKE put everything on hold. I can't take it anymore as we have no more resources. Does anyone know of any organization that helps in these cases with free blood tests, meds, or maybe even donations? This is very embarrassing for me as I raised 3 kids on my own and never asked for outside help, I just worked as much as I could, but now I am 54, overweight, always in pain and can't work. Help me please, I don't know what to do.
    Thanks for reading.


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    hello. i am canadian but i know that in the US, drug companies such as Roche will provide free Valcyte (an antiviral sometimes used for CFS) to people who cannot afford it (it is about $40 a pill).

    if valtrex is needed, it will be available in a cheaper generic form after june of 2009 (glaxosmithkline may have assistance for this drug now as well). you will have to call them. also, acyclovir is sometimes used in place of valtrex since it is cheaper.

    all this is assuming that you might need antivirals.

    many labs will give a small discount for tests if you are paying out-of-pocket. you have to call them and ask.

    some doctors will take bluecross and medicare. are you on disability?

    that's all i know but perhaps other people on this board can help out with more info.

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    companies have "Patient Assistance Program". Look up the pharmaceutical companies or name of the drugs on the internet. Also include in the search title "Patient Assitance Program". Most drugs are covered. You have to apply, but the medication would be free.

    Also, I would talk to your state's Social Service Agency to see what help they offer or of any program's that they know about.

    I live in Indiana and we just recently got a state-sponsored health insurance program for low-income people. I qualified. I was in your shoes for about 7 years.

    I could go on-and-on about the poor state of our health-care system. I am in bankruptcy now because of it.

    Hopefully your state will get this program. Or, if you have to, move to a state that has these programs. You would have to wait about 6 months to become a resident. Easier said than done, I know.

    Some states have hospitals that offer tests etc. free to those you qualify. Call hospitals in your area.

    The capital city of your state may have a state-sponsored hospital that provides these services.

    As for as supplements. Puritan's Pride 70% off sale at puritan'sSale.com has great prices. Also Swason Vitamins. and Vitacost.

    My heart goes out to you. Don't give up.
  4. celeste1226

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    I am in San Antonio and here we have a program called CareLink which is insurance for low income families. U pay as you use it and also depends on your income on how much you pay. My parents and aunt are on carelink they use it with their medicare. Check there in houston to see if they have anything like this. It is a state funded program. If people dont qualify for medicaid they are put on carelink or kids go on CHIPS.

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