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    hi i'm new here my question is i'm haveing my disability hearing in a month i have all kinds of documentaion and all the records from all my doctors and letters from my docs and all that.... i have no income except the $350 i get each month from child support.... i recieve medicade now... my primary care doctor thought i needed a nurse aid 5 days a week for 3 hrs a day.... i wondering if that will help my chances of getting disibility and what if anything anyone can think of that i might just need to put the final "touch" on things ... i really appreciate you takeing the time to read this and maybe respond.... (((((((((soft hugs))))))))) elizabeth
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    There is probably a book there. Start reading! I also just answered a string going presently here so please read and receive the help others before you have given. They know what they are talking about. CactusLil'
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    Hi Elizabeth, welcome to the board, Lil is correct, we have mountains of information on disability here.

    Just stopped to welcome you, and sure hope things work out well for you...........

    Shalom, Shirl
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    When you go for your hearing you need to arrive there early enough to look over their file they have onyou. Theywill gladly let you.
    In reading this file you will get to see that all documentation is there ie doctors reports, letters ect. You will not understand a lot of it and it may seem unfavorable but don't worry about that.
    There will be a judge and a reporter and possibly a vocational expert. The judge will ask you 4 or 5 questions concerning your daily activitys such as can you take care of your home, cook or how you get about. He will ask you your name address and ss number. Answer all questions truthfully and then he will ask the voc. expert if there is a job a person with your illness that they can do. If you have trouble sitting, standing, reaching, pulling squating, crawling, grasping then there is not a job for you. The judge may or may nnot give you an answer then. but most likly you will have been approved thanks Dave
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    If Medicaid will get you that Nurse's Aid, I say go for it. Just to be able to show that your doctor recommended one is great, but to actually be able to have one is wonderful and to be able to show that you benefit from the help can only be better. If you are still able to submit new information for your hearing I would get this underway as soon as you can. Also, many of us have had to enlist the aid of our State Congressional Reps - it never hurts to get your Congressman involved, they can sometimes expedite parts of the process.

    Good Luck to you!

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    first of all welcome to this great board. I would definitely take the offer from your doctor for a nurses aide or any other kind of help he says you need right now. Not only for your sake, but I would think that the ALJ would realize just how bad your disability is if you need assistance at home.

    Has your doctor filled out a report on your limit of daily activities? I had one called Functional Capacity Assessment. It asks how much time in an 8 hour day can you sit, stand, walk, bend, kneel, etc. I believe his answers really helped me win my SSD hering.

    good luck to you.