I really need you guys !!!

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  1. susabar

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    Dear friends,
    Today I went back to work after being off for the last 12 weeks. I am back 3x a week until I can see if I can resume my full-time position. At any rate, my day started off with a nasty e-mail from one of my co-workers, saying that it wasn't a "picnic" around there with me being off, and to be a friend means to give and take, so as a taker I am not a friend but a dependant!!! I asked my supervisor if we could discuss this with him in his office, and she just continued to attack me, saying that it wasn't just her opinion but everybody's as well. ( my other co-workers deny it )Nothing was resolved as she would'nt budge an inch. That's what my day was like.... needless to say I am in a major flare again.
    I Love you guys...
  2. debbiem31

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    I'm sorry that you were treated so badly today. That must have been awful. I don't know much to say, but we'll all be thinking about you...

    Is there someone farther up the ladder that you can talk to? Don't let them get you down. You're taking steps to regaining your life and you don't need their BS!! Keep your head up and stay strong. Just do your job to the best of your abilities.

    LOL, Debbie
  3. Julygal

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    Sue, I'm so very sorry that you're having to endure such a thoughtless, insensitive co-worker. I had the same experience when I was able to work. Things are bad enough with the pain, etc., without having such stress & hurt added!
    It's difficult to believe that people can be so cruel. I had to talk to myself a lot, and of course, prayed a lot.In
    my particular case I wasn't able to even work part-time, though I tried.Do some people think that this couldn't happen to them? IF it does, it will be a "different story".

    I will keep you in my prayers.Good luck and God bless.
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  4. Spoonerpaws

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    How insensitive!

    If it were me, I would take this issue to Human Resources. You don't need this nonsense!

  5. joannie1

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    That is about the most pathetic person I have ever heard of. i would have just unleashed on her big time I think. Please know we are here for you and let her know you weren't sittin in the sun drinking margariatas with your feet up in the sunny blue skis either!! What a nag. DON'T let them treat you with anything but respect please. We all have a back bone (Most of the time it's in pain BUT) stand up for yourself or they will keep treating you poorly.
    We are all here for you my dear friend and we too love you.
    Hoping you will have a better tomorrow.
  6. lin21

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    Hi Sue,

    I'm sorry to hear about what you are having to endure. You said you received an e-mail? Well, please print yourself a copy of that and start making a file but keep it at home. Also keep a log of every time something like this occurs.
    Unfortunately, you are in a very bad situation, they might be wanting you to walk out and will torture you until you do. Of course, this harassment is not going to help with the DD. I have worked with people like this and they just want to make it rough for you. Just protect yourself, if it doesn't work get yourself to a Dr. and have him put you out on medical again.
    Whatever you do don't walk out!!
    Good luck.
  7. kimstar

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    This is a good time to keep a record of EVERYTHING. If it starts getting real bad, I suggest you find a good Workers' Compensation Applicant's attorney. They work on a contingency basis. Kim
  8. joannie1

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    If you do keep track of this also keep track of the way you felt about it and the flares and such that also was brought on from all this. They are all very right this is harrassment and you really need to be sure to protect yourself.
    Good luck.
  9. karen55

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    posters above. Keep records! I'm sorry you're going through this, and just knowing that it could continue and you need to document it is enough to upset you more, but I believe it's in your best interest to keep records. {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}

  10. Elvira

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    I hate that we get treated the way we do at work. At one of my previous jobs, my boss did not understand or sympathize at all when I had migraines. It was one of the most frustrating situations that I ever had to deal with. She really made my life miserable and made me feel badly about feeling badly. Like it was my own fault that I had a hideous migraine for 3 days! I wished that just once she would get one so that she could suffer the way that I did, thinking that maybe then she'd understand. Of course, that didn't happen.

    Luckily for me, I now work in an office where no one has any problem at all if I am sick or can't make it in. I can't tell you what a relief it is to not have to put up with unfair attitudes because of my health problems. More stress is the last thing we need when we are dealing with this illness and doing the best that we can. I hope that your human resources dept. can assist you with your situation. If not, then I hope that you might be able to find another job where you are treated like a human being and treated with compassion. It really is not worth it to force yourself to go into a hostile environment and put up with people's ignorance, no matter how badly you may need the money. There's always another option if you keep looking for it. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things will work out for you. Good luck!