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    really. We have a lot of knowledgeable people on this board, some nurses, etc. so maybe someone has heard of this or has an idea. My aunt had three feet of her intestine removed. They didn't think she would make it through surgery - gangrene, perforated bowel, etc. It's a month later and she is doing well (sort of) except her body won't absorb any nutrients. They feed her through an IV and seem to have tried everything and nothing works. Of course, she has a good doc but I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this, knows a specialist, special hospital, treatment?

    I figure it was worth a try. I even dreamed if she drank caffeinated tea she would get better. Strange huh?
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    Certain vitamins are "fat soluble". That means the body can't absorb them unless enough fat is present.

    And vitamins made from synthetic chemicals are not easily absorbed, either. Some nutrients are more bioavailable if they are bound to enzymes and amino acids. So amino acid chelates are more absorbable.

    Do you mean her intestines aren't working yet or she can't absorb anything from the IV either?

    Caffeine can reduce nutrient absorption. So the dream needs to be interpreted a little differently. And remember, your subconscious does not like to give you things literally, it's usually symbolic or representative of something else. Ponder on the dream some more.

    Nutrition is not a hospital's strong point. Definitely do some research on the subject.

    good luck!

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    It sounds like what sometimes happens with people who have crohns disease. They have trouble also with absorbing nutrients and some are on a feeding tube and such. What kind of dr does your aunt have? Have ya'll consulted with a gi? if not, I would suggest consulting one.

    I hope she gets better and soon. Have a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. cjcookie

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    IV is already digested somehow so that stuff keeps her alive and hydrated. The nurse said you can live on that yellow liquid in the IV indefinitely. Of course, having a bag attached with things going in and two attached with things going out doesn't sound like a fun way to live one's life. Of course, we all know how much fun it is to live life the way we do. The only thing she wants right now is a Christmas cookie and she can't even have that.

    I know my dream was stupid - just an example of how frustrating this is and how desperate we all are.

    I'm sure her docs are good (sort of) but keep in mind that these are the same docs that could never find out what was wrong with her for a year. That's a whole big long story and I guess I am shallow but I would sue their butts off - even the nurses said that within her earshot. She likes them too much to do that. Personally, I would find a new doc but sometimes older people are set in their ways too much to do that.
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    My sister had a massive intestinal surgery in 1974 resulting in the removal of her colon and bladder and leaving her with only 3 feet of intestines, due to ovarian cancer that had literally spread throughout her abdominal cavity.

    She also could not absorb nuitrients well. She was given a consentrated opium that she used once a day + about 18 supplemental pills that upped her nuitrient intake about 5 times what a person normally gets. She managed to live another 18 years that way, ate whatever she wanted and always remained very thin.

    She did have a period of time though that she had to be on the I.V. nuitrients and after they took her off of that she did have to go in about once a year to have an I.V. of nutrient treatments so that her magnesium, calcium and other essential nuitrients could be maintained.

    Sorry I don't know the specific names of the drugs they gave her, but the opium was listed as just that-opium. I am not sure why that was given to her, just that they said it would help her absorb nutrients from her food.

    Linda B.
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    Have they been feeding her dairy or wheat products? Cut them out immediately, now is not the time to wonder about gluten or dairy intolerance. They will interfere greatly with digestion and absorption, no matter what they tell you in the hospital. I ate gluten and dairy all my life with no symptoms other than hay fever until I got sick. Then they made me gravely ill. The only test for celiac disease that is reliable is to not eat gluten and see if you improve! That means you are going to have to take charge and see that she doesn't consume any wheat or any diary in any form, or rye or oats. No cakes, cookies, breads, gravies, cheese, yogurt, milk, cream, etc. At least until she gets better. They will probably fight you on this, they don't like patients or their families telling them what to do. I'm sure they at least know that in a person with celiac disease, the villi are damaged and, like Mouse said, they may just need someone to push this idea forward. They may disagree that she is celiac but it's not worth the risk. They must have lots of gluten-free food in the cafeteria for people who have been diagnosed that way.

    The other suggestions, about enzymes and probiotics are very important, too. You need the enzymes to process the nutrients and the probiotics to kill off the bad bacteria. You will probably get fought on this subject, too, because they are unconventional, but they should at least agree that supplementing with them won't hurt anything.

    One last thing, I was using a supplement called IntestiNew to help repair my gut lining because I had leaky gut syndrome. Glutamine and glucosamine sulfate are supposed to help repair the gut lining. There may be issues if a person is hypoglycemic or diabetic but maybe you could look into these. They would be available at any health food store.

    I hope your aunt manages to have a happy xmas, even though she obviously won't be able to eat any of the usual goodies. You could go to the health food store, they'll have plenty of gluten-free foods she could eat like certain breads. Make sure they don't give her wheat or dairy and make sure she understands how important it is that she doesn't cheat on it until she gets better.

    good luck!

  7. cjcookie

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    She got to eat real food if she chewed it really well. They even let her have a cookie. Of course, it goes right through her but she got to taste it. I'll take everyone's recommendations. Some of you are so darn smart!!

    I wheeled my aunt down the hall and someone else wheeled the IV pole. She wanted to walk into the room for the party. It was so cool!
  8. Catseye

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    It's better that she has no cookies for now! Was it a gluten-free cookie? If it's a regular cookie, then it had wheat in it and that's maybe a bad thing until she gets better. It isn't easy to avoid wheat and dairy until you get used to it. Be careful!

    Merry Christmas!


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