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    to express how touched i am that all of you took the time to answer my post. Especially lately when i am just so over whelmed with stuff. I've had my latest MRI, strange but I got a call to come back in for additional testing. The radiologist wants me back. I don't know quite what to make of it. Actually if the trueth be told I'm thinking somethings not right. Why do I have to go back? Any input would be great. I have to go back tomorrow then to see my Dr. for the results on wed. My daughter is in the hospital as we speak and soon to be induced. seems she couldn't get passed 2 centimeters. And believe me she tried everything. From walking miles to castor oil. poor kid!!!LOL. But sometime today new baby Keyara Rose will be here. What a name huh? It's kind of growing on me. Thanks again all and I will certainly try and post a picture when I get one. I'm not too PC literate. Queenbee(Jeannie)
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    I will be praying that your MRI results are good and I will also be praying that everything else with the other testing will turn out good.

    Has Keyara Rose came into the world yet? That is such a beautiful name !! I will be praying for your daughter and new grand daughter also.

    Blessings to you.......Judy