I Received Detox Protocol Today - please read & comment to help m

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Annette2, Aug 5, 2003.

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    I received my Detox protocol today. There are 5 supplements listed in it.

    1) UltraClear Plus. It looks like it's something you put in water to drink.

    2) Hepatox. This is for fat metabolism in the liver. It helps rid the liver of fatty deposits. The factors in it come from celandine, fringetree, boldo, barberry and green beat leaf.

    3) Carnitine Synergy. This helps burn fat and makes energy needed for cells to complete detoxification. It works with the Hapatox. As Hepatox mobilizes the fat in your liver, this helps the liver burn it for energy. Additional benefit is weight loss and improved mental function.

    4) Oxitrol. It's a formula of antioxidants. This includes CoQ10, Grape Seed Extract and Lipoic Acid.

    5) Super Milk Thistle X. This has herbs to help support the liver and is also an antioxidant. It also has three other herbs to support liver function: Dandelion, Artichoke and Licorice.

    I need some input from you - especially Madwolf - and would like to know what you think. THANKS!

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    I am watching this with interest. My recent cat scan showed mild and diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver. No longer drink, but used to have a glass of wine with supper for a number of years. Diet always has been healthy as weight has always been a problem.

    Who prescribed the detox, and may I ask why? Fondly June
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    I'm going on vacation tomorrow and will purchase everything when I get back. In response to June, the reason I'm doing this is because I'm seeing a Nutritionist who recommended it. I've been experiencing extreme fatigue and last week I was feeling just SICK!!!! My liver enzymes had been elevated and he suggested this. He feels that instead of "chasing symptoms", I need to detox to help build up my system. It all makes sense to me. I did a Candida detox a few months ago and felt wonderful from it. I hope this doesn't make me feel sick in the beginning since I do have to go to work. But in view of the fact that traditional medicine can only do so much for us, I thought I'd give it a try. The Nutritionist does this twice a year, and I spoke to a massage therapist this weekend who is very healthy and he does it a few times a year too. I'm still anxious to see what Madwolf has to say about it.

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    Bumping again for Madwolf
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    The UltraClearPlus is what I started with about 5 weks ago. Within two days I was feeling TONS better with no more dizziness, headaches, and much much less brain fog. I have not takent he other things you've mentioned and I know tha tis in part due to my lack of funds. this stuff costs money .....BUT in the last year I have never felt as good as I do right now.

    Oh another important thing for me was an elimination diet to weed out allergens and I can now bring back all of the things except wheat and wheat products.
    Too bad you cannot do it before yoru vacation. I bet it'd enhance your enjoyability factor :)

    enjoy your vacation regardless!!
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    Thanks for your reply. I have a question for you - when you took the UltraClear, were you on any "regular" meds? I'm concerned now about any interactions and how the meds will be affected. Thanks.

  9. NanceZ

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    I was and still am on Wellbutrin and there seeme dot be no conflict.

    I also was on Acidphex (sp?) for stomach stuff but no longer need it since the cleanse began. I once every 4 or so nights take Ambien and I've noticed it works better since the cleanse as well.

    As you will see or if you look on the Metagenics web site the ingredients of Ultra Clear Plus are all good life enhancing things like vitamins, minerals and etc.

    good luck and happy vacation to you
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    UltraClear really helped me, and I have taken most of the other things you mention at one time or another, except the Hepatox. I got no help from other things, but UltraClear plus refrigerated acidopholous got rid of my free radical damage to my red blood cells as seen on dark electron microscopy. My blood looked like the walking dead before the UltraClear. Now, if I could just stay away from all sugars, I could keep it that way! Good luck, this sounds good and I hope it works for you.