I recently discovered a test that I was positive to in 1991

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    Spacee - I recently discovered a test that I was positive to in 1991

    Was a test by John Martin, PhD for tainted live polio virus. I lived in Alabama which is not on the list for the tainted virus.

    Since Dr. Martin worked with you for a time, do you feel I should try to pursue this as a possible cause of my illness? The Cheney Clinic was sending blood to Oncore at the time for testing.

    I have not been tested for mycos but have had some good improvement with the targeted Transfer Factors toward mycos. And 4 months on docy 100mg bid followed by flagel 500 bid, Vit C seemed to show some improvement after it was completed. Felt nothing while taking it. Any suggestions for me there?

    Thanks for your time.


    It is thought that the virus that Dr. Martin was testing is related to CMV. This or the related CMV virus can be found in some CFS patients but its relationship to this and other illnesses remains unknown.

    Since you showed some improvement on antibiotics and Mycoplasma transfer factors, it is likely that some form of Mycoplasma bacterial infection was involved in your illness. If you were diagnosed with CFS, over one-half of patients have active Mycoplasma species infections. These infections are often difficult to treat, and treatment usually takes some time and is not always successful.

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    It does seem to be difficult and not always successful.

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    There are other considerations besides antibiotics that are necessary for recovery. Please download Publication #2 under Treatment Considerations, www.immed.org for additional advice on treatment of Mycoplasma spp. infections.
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    I will certainly do that.

    Also, don't know how this plays in but my EBV titer Ab VCA, IgG is 3442.

    Seems I have quite a mixed bag of things.


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