i recieved letter from congressman's woolsey's office today

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    i am so greatful i had came across this great board to let me learn so things so do for my ssdi case(s), one open and one closed. anyways spoke with emma from her office, she said they normally don't get involved at this stage, but because of the closed case and none payment, and the current open case at the intial phase right and that it is taking way too long and ssdi lift me out to dry.

    so i received the form in the mail now i have to jsut fillit out and get iback to her. it would be nice to get this going i filed at office in february/05 no response yet. and they are back dating it to 10/04. because of my work attempt and the closed case.

    well it will be intersting as to how much faster thaey act once they make the congressional inquiry. she also said make sure i log everyone and dates of who i spoke with at ssdi.

    so i did go there today to take care of some othe paper work and see about the money and were it is at. they owe mea bout $10,000 for my son's apportionment.

    now i have found out the my state disability has run out 6 months sooner than i had anticapated. so i am donw to only child support. period.

    well thanks for all the tips io have recieved from everyone.

  2. fivesue

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    and I'm sorry about your financial situation...hopefully the SS will come through soon, although the government mills grind very slowly!


    Bump for more information and response.

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