I reckon as it's time fer a new thread. :)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by GreenOnions, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I been out workin on the tractor since 7:00. The water pump went n died on me. I had a spare one in stock, so I put that one in. I'm a thinkin I may want to change out the spark plugs while I'm workin on it. :)

    KK woke me up playin with the lights. Ever since Mittens taught im how to work a switch, he keeps a messin with any switch he finds. I had to unplug the coffeemaker. He kept a turnin it on.

    There's a little table that sits under the light switch by the door. This mornin at 4:30, KK got hisself up on that little table, n pushed the button to turn the light on. Then he pushed the button to turn the light off. Then on. Then off. After a few minutes a that, I were up. :)

    Jerry, a gittin ready fer a bit a lunch. Ham n cheese sandwiches, looks like.

    PS: Good luck with the bread. :)
  2. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    That ain't too far from how it is. Iffen I ain't careful where I put the remote, KK'll start changin channels on me. :)

    Ted called, n said to tell ya he's a gonna ask Mary yer question when she gets home. She's at the church fer somethin.

    Ted knows she uses tomaters, but ain't sure iffen she uses sugar to cut the acid.

    My sandwiches were right tasty. Now I reckon as it's time to git back to the tractor. Them spark plugs ain't a gonna change themselves.

    Jerry, a fixin to git dirty again. maybe I'll look at yer picture afore I wash up later. :)

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  3. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I come in to make some supper, n then I'm a gonna head back out to the barn.

    I'm right glad yer bread turned out good. :)

    I ain't a lettin the Kitty Crew in the barn till I git done with the tractor. Last time I changed the air filter, KK took off, a playin hockey with the nut that holds the air filter cover on. :) It took me two hours to find the fool thing.

    I hope yer havin a right good time. :)

    Y'all have a good evenin, Diane, Kevin.
    Jerry, still ascared to look at yer picture. :)
  4. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    She puts sweet corn in her soup, n that cuts the acid. She said she only uses sugar iffen she's outta corn.

    That little wicker table KK stood on the work the lights yesterday mornin is out in the hallway now. I moved it a couple a feet away from the light switch. The midget monster dozered it back over by the light switch sometime durin the night, n then he was up there workin the lights again this mornin at 4:45.

    How's yer weather? We ain't got but a few clouds, n them way up high. It's a mite windy, but it's a purty fair day. :)

    How's Simply Silly's nose a doin?

    Jerry, a gittin a bite a lunch. :)
  5. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    N she ain't got no reason to whomp him on the head with a fryin pan. :)

    Nope, I been up since KK woke me. I ain't one a them folks as can git back to sleep after I wake up.

    Yep, we got the same forecast, exceptin it'll hit here right about 3:30. I been through some monsoons, a hurricane, n four tornadoes. They ain't none a them fun. I'm right glad I got a nice dry house to sit in, n don't gotta go out.

    I finished up out n the barn this mornin. This afternoon is battenin down the hatches fer the wind that's a comin.

    Jerry, with KK n Socky watchin Hercules help me type. :)
  6. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Ya done made Ted spit on Mary n Mittens. :) Yer in a mite bit a trouble. :)

    I been goin through the house, closin all the shutters n boltin em. N I went around n topped off all the oil lamps, in case we lose power n the generator ain't workin. N I went out n gassed up the generator, checked the oil, got it all ready. :)

    I checked out yer picture, n ya made me laugh, but I were smart nuff not ta be drinkin. :) Ted ain't all that smart, I reckon. :)

    Glad ya liked the fierce kitten. :)
    Jerry, who's a noticin the wind is pickin up a mite bit.
  7. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Ya just made Ted spit on Mary, Cindi, Mittens, his keyboard, his monitor, his desk, n the floor. :) Ya done went n changed yer picture again, didn't ya? Yer a troublemaker, GG. :)

    Sounds like yer soups gonna be right tasty. :)

    I think Ted said Mary, Cindi, n Mittens is a headed yer way. :)

    N Jenny still wants to whomp ya. :)

    Yer right popular. :)
    Jerry, wonderin how yer gonna post with a fryin pan shaped dent in yer head. :)
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I know I have been gone for a bit and when I come back you are still fussing at each other and cooking up a storm. Geez, that soup and bread smells good.

    Diane - Gee, I just love your new bio pic and I also like Jerry's too. Nothing like being stuck in a Christmas tree. I have been busy going to dentists and then to the rheumy today. Then, I was trying to get something done in the house. Well, I got a wash started at least. I guess you still have to hide from Mary, Cindi and Mittens. Have you found a good hiden place YET !!

    We had better find a nice big slicker or bib for JERRY to wear when he checks your new bio. He also needs something to put over the computer, printer and everything else too (-: !

    Hope Kevin's nose is doing better and has had no more nose bleeds. How was your bread with no salt? I would think that it would still be tasty. What does Kevin put on it, buitter with no salt or what? When is his next doc. visit??

    Jerry - I can't believe that KK and Mittens have been turning your light switches on and off. It sounds to me like you have a couple of toddlers at your house. Who is teaching who new tricks? Isn't Mitten's the youngest kittie? KK doesn't need any lessons in mischief, I do not think.


    BTW, I took some kielbasa sausage out of the freezer this morning and didn't know what else to do with it. Well, a 3 pm I found a recipe for lentil soup with kielbasa. Luckily, I had most of the stuff. So, I quickly threw everything together and will see how it turns out. We love lentil soup but have not had it with kielbasa instead of ham hock and leftover ham. Will let you know how it turns out. All the stuff you both make sounds so delicious you put me to shame ane make me hungry reading your posts.

    Sorry I have been gone the last few days. How is the weather Diane and Jerry, any warmer ??? It is trying to get warmer here. It is bust it is quite w windy also . So, it feels cooler than it is today. Supposed to be in the high 60's or very low 70's. That is probably HOT for both of you.

    Well, I have to go for now. I have to eat early today so I can leave early for my choir practice.


    Granni - leaving to check her soup and go see if I can find a good place for Diane to hide :) !!

    Diane - have any leftover homemade bread to go with my soup?? YUMMY !!
  9. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I think Ted mighta sold em on that one, so I reckon as ya got a mite bit a time. :)

    I'm right glad I could make you n Simply Silly chuckle, GG. :)

    I keep fergettin Simply Silly don't like veggies. :) I'll be right interested in hearin iffen Kevin eats his soup. :)

    Yep, I done looked. :) They made me laugh, but I had Ted's example, n weren't drinkin. :)

    I reckon as it's time to git started on supper. Y'all have yerself a right good evenin. :)
    Jerry, wonderin where the rain is. :)
  10. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    How are you n Kevin a doin?

    We been clearin downed branches n stuff all mornin. A tree come down across the road just up past Ben's place, n me n Ted n Walter been out there a clearin it offen the road.

    The storm hit here along about 7:00. The Kitty Crew was all stickin near the door to the basement, n I just went in the livin room n watched TV. :)

    Tom lost a few feathers. Don't reckon as he's a gonna be goin out in any storms again anytime soon. :)

    I'm a gonna have to fix a couple a shutter that the wind loosened, but there weren't no other damage to the house or barn.

    Glad yer place weren't damaged. :)

    I reckon as it's lunch time. :)
    Jerry, a gonna fry up some bacon n eggs fer lunch.
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry that you both had some bad storms going through your areas but glad there was no real damage for you.

    Diane - Our soup turned out very good and I am sure I will make it again. You actually can probably make it more of a stew with less broth or water or like a soup. That is what I did. I can give you the recipe if you want but I do not know if there is any kind of sausage you can get without salt (-: ! Trust me when I tell you that you don not need to add anything to this soups since the kielbasa has so many delicious flavors already added. It is really pretty sinple except you just have to have all the ingredients on ha.d The only thin I used differently was a can of chopped tomatoes instead of crushed tomoatoes (not much difference). We both had some for lunch today and DH will be gone tonight and I will probably have one for dinner. Glad your bread came out great too.

    I loved your realy cute pic with kittie eatin his veggies. For sure he will be a very healthy kitie full of vim and vinegar.

    Jerry - Does KK and any of your kitties like veggies.? It seems to me that KK eats most of anything. Is that correct?

    Not much time right now but have to run.
    More later !!

    Granni - off to WM to try and find a sleep aid my rheumy told me about. If they do not have it and CVS I will have to order it on -line.

    It is cheaper than what I have been using and I have been trying to get away from as many drugs as I can. I take enough of them (-: !
  12. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    We all had to come in n git warmed up. :)

    It don't sound like Kevin's none too worried by storms.

    I reckon as Kevin must be mighty tickled to be gittin fresh bread baked. :) It sure beats store bought. :)

    One a the hens was out, n Tom went out n pushed er back into the roost. Reckon as he didn't wanna lose his harem. :)

    I were a gonna git out the ladder, n fix the shutters, n Ted was worried as how the wind might kick up, n blow the ladder over, n me on it. So he sent Walter down fer the combine, n he pulled it up next to the house. We're a standin on it. I reckon as any wind that'd blow over the combine would blow over the house, too. :)

    Well, I reckon I'm a headin back outside.
    Jerry, who don't wanna go back into the cold. :)
  13. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    We just finished up my place, n we all come in fer some hot coffee. Next, we're a gonna do Ted's. Tomorrow mornin, we'll do Ben's place.

    Ted's place is mostly just pickin up dead branches n the like. We're a gonn a load up the wagon, n then tomorrow first thing, I'll take the tractor down, hook up the wagon, n haul the brush off to the compost heap. Me n Walter'll unload it, while Ted heads up to Ben's place n gits started. Then me n Walter'll join em. Ben's willin, but he can't do much with his hand n all.

    Granni, I plumb missed yer post. Yer right, KK eats just about anything, exceptin fer pickled beans. :)

    Coffee's done brewin, so I'm a gonna grab a cup, then haul the trailer down to Ted's.
    Jerry, wishin real hard the tractor had a heater. :)
  14. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    We just got done cleanin up over to Ben's place. It were mostly pickin up. We did have to take down a Monkey Puzzle tree right up by the house.

    I'm right glad to be back in the warm, I mean to tell ya. :)

    Mary says I gotta ask ya about somethin called Oogba? She said she seen it in the thread yesterday.

    I'm a gonna grab me a bowl a nice hot soup. :)
    Jerry, with KK n Socky ridin shotgun. :)
  15. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I reckon as I oughtta warn ya that ya made Ben spit on Lizzie this mornin. :) Ya might wanna be hidin. :)

    I were havin some tater soup. :) With fresh hot bread, n some butter. :)

    So now ya got Sally, Heather, n Oogba? That there is a right silly name, whippersnapper. :)
    Jerry, a chucklin at Oogba. :)
  16. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Ben looked at yer picture this mornin, n it made im spit on Lizzie. I thought it were yer picture of the kitty behind the pole. I looked at it, n ya went n changed it! I spit on KK, Socky, my monitor, Bob, my keyboard, Hercule, n myself. :)

    I been cleanin up. I sure coulda used Oogba's help. :)

    Mittens is comin over on Monday, to play with KK.

    KK is gittin chased all over by RoboMousey. :) He were runnin fer is life, n run right into Samson. Knocked Samson heinie over teakettle. :)

    I'm a gonna go see iffen Socky's done in the washin machine.
    Jerry, who were a might soggy, mostly acause a the little fart. :)
  17. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Socky is outta the washin machine n dryer, n runnin all over the place with KK. :)

    I done tried to post twice afore, but KK done figgered out how to git to the power bar, n turn it off n on. I'm a gonna have to build a cage fer the thing.

    I reckon as I got a chance to git this posted, acause KK is a playin with Socky right now. :) The two times he turned the thing off on me, Socky was still in the dryer. I reckon KK was bored. :)

    I thunk a Simply Silly too, when I looked at yer picture. That's what made me spit. I were just picturin Oogba eatin outta Kevin's bowl. :)

    I figger as there's a fair to middlin chance RoboMousey may show up when Mittens is here. It might slow down her evil plans. :)

    Jerry, wonderin how much to charge Lizzie n Mary fer directions to Diane's house. :)
  18. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    KK is switch crazy. He's a clickin switches left n right. A course, sometimes he gits more n he bargained fer. :) I just about had an accident a couple a minutes ago. KK were a playin with the switch on the vacuum cleaner, so I snuck up n plugged it in. Next time he pushed the switch on, the vacuum started up, n KK musta jumped five feet straight up. He's upstairs, a wonderin iffen it's safe to come down. :)

    I might just leave the vacuum plugged in, in case Mittens wants to push the button. :)

    KK ain't figgered out how to git the table back in the room yet. :)

    I hope ya ain't a gittin a cold, Diane. You best find a warm, dry hidin spot. :)
    Jerry, who's ribs is a hurtin from laughin.

    PS: I laughed so hard I fell on my hind end on the stairs. :)
  19. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    He fixed me when I was a showerin earlier. He got his butt up on the back a the commode, n started pressin the flush lever. That water got right hot, right quick. :) This were just a bit a payback. :)

    KK's still up at the head a the stairs, a lookin down at the hallway. :)

    Glad I could make ya laugh, Diane. :) I best go git supper started. Y'all have yerself a right good weekend, n don't go gittin sick.
    Jerry, still laughin. Ow. :)
  20. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    How bout you, Diane?

    I'm right sorry I didn't see yer post earlier, Diane. Is everyone doin okay?

    Ain't none a us been lookin at the board since early Saturday. Ben n Lizzie's water shut off on em Saturday at lunch time. Ben give me a call, n we walked up to his pump house. The wind blew the roof offen his pump house, n a 4x4 fell into the fanbelt on his pump, breakin the belt. Ben's pump fills up a cistern, n the water feeds from the cistern down to the house. The electric line fer the new pump motor is buried, n none a us thought to check the pump house roof.

    We tore down the old pump house, n built a new one outta cinder block. I was a helpin put the shingles on the roof when Mary walked up n told me somethin happened to yer kitties. I come on down to the house striaght off, to check n see iffen ya were okay.

    Ben, Lizzie, Mary, Ted, Walter, n me all hope the kitties n you are all doin okay.
    Jerry, a tad outta breath from walkin fast.

    PS: I can understand how worried ya were. I git the same way iffen I think they's somethin wrong with any a the Kitty Crew.
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