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    Hi everyone, I'm Reg1, I read posts everyday, get a lot of informative info. Dx in Oct 2001 FMS, also have RSD and samaform disorders, never understood the disorders, but what else is new. Have appr. 48 symptoms, always seem to flare. What a DDD. I've decided i need to start posting for my sanity, and get aqauinted, however, i have been in the chat room twice. I think most are very intelligent, and informative, as i hope I will be. My husband is great, he's taken me everywhere, trying to find " I Remember Me". Craftyjody, I would really appreciate if you send me a copy, just let me know what to do. I don't know if we are allowed to display our e-mail address, haven't gotten that far in the rules, however, i would appreciate your respond. ((((((((((((((GENTLE HUGS TO ALL)))))))))))))) Reg1
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    Welcome to the Board. Glad you're here. You'll get a lot of support and good info. I have FMS too. If you read people's profiles, you'll get to know us better. I've gotten a lot of help here.

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    Welcome to the board! Glad you decided to come out of hiding, lol, and post! This is a great bunch of people here, and you're right so much good information that really helps us become pro-active and in control of these DD's.
    Hope to hear more from you!

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    I remember someone saying this recently. Is it on at 3:30?

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    Hi Reg, welcome to our world. Glad you decided to post, and join in the discussions.

    As for those 'repeat' posts, don't be concerned, I have removed them all but one for you. I still do this myself sometimes!

    I also have Fibro, and a few other ailments that seem to go along with the Fibro!

    Good to know you have a good patient husband too, mine is great. He just cooked food for a week here so that I don't have to eat frozen/canned meals when he is at work (his work takes him away from home for weeks at a time,) and I cannot deal with the cooking/cleaning up/ cutting seasoning/ etc! So he has made meals from scratch that can be frozen, I just have to warm them, by the way, he is 'no cook', I just stood by and gave directions for a week .!

    I am a book lover and he will go from store to store to find what I want, he does get on my 'nerves' sometimes, but over all he is a great guy.

    Fibro is a non relenting illness, you wake up everyday with a new symptom it seems. Before I got on this board, I was really beginning to think I was a nut case.

    I have mine under control right now, and I almost feel like a 'normal' human being. I have had this for 20 years.

    My main help is supplements, herbs, home remedies, and my imaginative husband who made the house more 'Fibro Friendly' for me.

    Hope we hear from you often, and ask all the questions you have, we will try to answer and help.

    We do have some great people here, well informed, and above all very supportive.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl

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