I Remember Me - video swapping: Update

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  1. Molegirl

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    Sorry I've been offline for a while...

    In trying to determine where all of the copies of the video are, here's what I have come up with:

    Kathryn has one--next on list is kb8tic
    KristyW has one--next on list is Hidn

    Kathryn/Kristy, let me know if you want me to get addresses, or if you want to contact those people yourselves.

    Kellbear, what is that status of the tape I sent you? Gottalottalove was the next person on the list, but I can't find any posts regarding that swap.

    Remember, if you want on the list to borrow the video, please respond to the thread called "One more copy of I Remember Me available"...it's too hard to keep track of all of the other threads on the subject.

  2. kredca4

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    I tried to tape the Movie, but I didn't have the setting's right and all I got was the Sound track. ohe well. on 2 VCR's mind you, lol.

    I had been thinking for quite awhile about how we could start some sort of lending Library, of books and viedo's.
    I think maybe it would be a lot of hassel trying to keep track of thing's.
    Plus with FMS, I forget things all the time, so I know other's do also. Maybe that's what is Happening, Fibro Fog has set in, and they forgot about the tapes?

    I was courious as to how much it cost's to mail a Tape in the US.? I thought of sending Prepaid envlopes along with the tapes or book's. I have so many, just sitting on a shelf, I want to share some of the little Perks in life that I went without for year's, till the Hubby moved back in with me. Now I have the Dish network, and I tape everything, ;o>.

    If there's anything special someone wants taped, but dossen't have the Cable or Dish, let me know and I'll tape it for you.

    I did tape the Dr. Phil show, cause I was about to fall asleep, and I didn't want to miss the whole show, I missed the first few minutes, but it looked like a fairly good show. But I haven't seen it all yet, want to Watch it with the Hubby. ;o>


    If anyone has any idea's about a Lending Library, please give your Input.
    May not be doable, but I want to do Something!!!!lol

    sharon (again)
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  3. Molegirl

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    Hi all, just wanted to post a message that I won't be able to manage the video swapping...this board is too busy to keep track of all of the traffic, and people aren't seeing/responding to my requests for info, or at least I can't find the responses.

    I hope the tapes keep going around on their own!