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    my so called friend just called me at 2:10 am...and asked if i was sleeping...i said no not yet...she said i am on my way to bring over the vaccuumm...so i will mention some money she owes me as well..

    i told her i didn't ever want money to get inbetween our friendship and i have never even loaned any money to my sister,,

    well i will look into the book thank you so much...

    i thought this would be more appropriate to talk her instead on mable's post...when she is not doing so well..

    i just wanted and needed to respond to her in her time of need...and wanted to let her know i basically had alot on my mine at this time...

    well i can sleep a little bit more comfortably..

    well talk to you tomarrow or really that is today..


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    Hi Jodie

    You know, I used to try and be polite to people who made ridiculous demands on me. All that did was turn into prolonged discussion, and they were still mad at me.

    Now when someone asks something preposterous like, "Can you drive me to the airport at 5AM tomorrow," I don't even discuss it.

    I just say, "Are you crazy?" That stops all discussion and if it stop the relationship, that's ok too.

    After you do it a couple times it becomes easy.

    Hope you get some sleep. I have been up all night and will be napping during the day.
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    up from the klonopin...

    i didn't mention any money last night i had taken my klonopin before she had called..to come over and return vaccuumm..

    i will not be loaning that out to anyone she can buy her own..

    she told me i gave her a full bag...i told her i just emptied it out in the middle of june at my old apt...

    so i had to be the detective i am at times...i opened up the bag...and she uses that carpet powder smelling stuff...and toys got swept up in there...and other things...

    i know the carpet powder fills those bags up quickly...and my son and i are allergic to that stuff....i buy the spray stuff for allergy's to kill the dust mites..

    so the money thing will be coming up i think today later this evening...

    she has her section 8 voucher she is getting her child support and she works...so she only has to pay 30% of her income...

    and her thirty percent gets put in a trust fund in the housing authjority so she can use it to buy a car, a computer, or use it to go to school, and use the funds for a down payment for a home..

    as soon as i get my voucher i will know exactly what i can and cannot do w/that money....

    well...anyways..i have to figure out what and how i am going to say to her...exactly...i don't want to cut my bridges if i think i can get some money...but i have told her about my transmission...etc..she said well i could use her other car...

    i think she needs to sign the title over so i can recoup some of the money she owes me personally..but well if ssa ever gets the money that they owe me straight...i will feel more comfortable...but until then...

    i should be getting my section 8 voucher soon...like really soon..