I said Good-bye to Joanne

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    For those of you that posted your sympathies to me this past week when i lost one of my very closest girlfriends,I just wanted to Thank You one and all for you comforting words and prayers. it meant so very much to me.
    It was so hard to say good-bye.My heart is so heavy.
    Joanne was one of those rare people that touched so many lives.I think she was everybodies best friend.The number of people at the calling hours was unbelievable and spoke volumes for her.
    She was very involved in the Small Paws organization for Bichon Friese dogs,Having three of herown and fostering many.In her casket was a stuffed bichon with her that was so adorable and felt so wonderful. I mentioned to her husband that I thought it was a nice touch,etc. His reply to me was."Oh those puppies,you know she has gotten each of you girls one of those and was going to bring them next Monday night when you all got toether.There was 5 of us that got together on Monday nights to work on our porcelain dolls or crafts for a couple hours and of course we did our bitching as well as giggling together.Been doing it every Monday for nearly 5 years. Anyway I didn't mean to ramble,probably should have put this on the other board, (sorry Mikie). Backto the puppies, I think she knew she was leaving us and we will cherish our little stuffed Bichons.This gesture was so Joanne.

    Monday nights will never be the same,she is leaving such a big hole but some wonderful memories.
    Thank you all again,Your postings helped me a great deal.
    I read them all several times over they gave me comfort and helped me with the tears that at first would not flow.
    I am so glad to have you all in my life even if it is electronically
    I only hope that i can help someone here sometime as much as you have all helped me.

    HUGS to You All,
  2. srollins

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    Have a wonderful holiday everyone, and thanks again

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    I'm sorry that I have no words of comfort now for you. You have good memories of your friend, cherish them.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{HUGE HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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    It sounds as if you will always have fond remembrances of Joanne. She sounds like a very special person. How wonderful that you had so many great years together. I will continue praying that you find comfort, in your loss.
    God Bless,