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    and it was awesome!! If your are a fan of the Stephenie Meyer's books, you will absolutely love this movie!! Twilight, the first book in the series, is true to the book, and never seems to lose it's slightly edgy humor in the serious face of the world of vampires.

    I was reluctant at first, my daughter having talked me into a midnight showing and I knew I wouldn't get home home until at least 2:30. Well, the movie flew by and it was so worth it.

    Edward Cullen and Bella Swan rock!!

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    I have the book and it is the next in line to read. My son is a middle school teacher and he read it to keep in touch with his kids. He seemed to like it so I hope I will. Godbless
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    I took my kids (2 teenager girls and younger son) to the first daytime showing yesterday. I let them miss school to see it.
    My daughters have been waiting a very long time for that movie, so I told them if they got good grades they could miss school and see the first showing.

    My middle daughter, who is in middle school, was reading the book in English class, even though she had read it about 5 times before the school decided to make it a class project and they had a "field trip" to go to the midnight showing on Thursday night. I just couldn't let her go without me and I couldn't make it until 2:30am UGH. So we missed school instead.

    The movie was a nice teenage movie. It was engaging and fun. A great movie for teens and pre-teens. There wasn't anything scary or sexual in it so even though it was rated PG-13, I didn't find it anything in it that compared to most PG-13 movies, which are usually shocking due to language or content... this didnt' have any of that, it was a nice change.

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