I saw a new integrative doctor yesterday in Diamond Bar, Ca

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    I'm very encouraged about getting help for FM from her. She's ordered a slew of lab tests including thyroid tests that have never been ordered by all the doctors I've seen in the past. She said most doctors don't do this. Also checking all the hormone levels. I do know that after the change (at age 40) I started to go downhill which tells me FM is most definitely related to hormones......that's why the majority are women who have this condition. I go back in two weeks for results.

    She also put me on an immune detox. I read up on this product. It's got peptides and enzymes in it......which I don't understand. And it looks like it's only available thru doctors.
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    21671 Gateway Center Dr. Suite 101, Diamond Bar PH 909 396-9100

    I've felt the same way about supplements. The doctor I saw in Upland a few years ago (found in Suzanne Somers book) put me on a ton of them. However, when I went online to check I found her price to be exactly what I would have to buy direct so didn't feel she was trying to make $ on them.

    This product she put me on apparently is only sold to doctors. I did a search on the ingredients. She said I should start to feel better and sleep better after a couple of weeks on it.

    She asked if I took cod liver oil and I said yes......peach flavored from Nordic. I told her I didn't want any other because I've still got 3 bottles left.
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    Sun - I'm really glad for you! These seem to be the only kind of doctors who have any idea of what's going on with us. Keep us posted.

    Jam - this sounds like a good recommendation for your friend for a doctor. She can also go to acam.org - it's an association of integrative medicine doctors and there's a link under Health Resources on the home page where you can find the names of integrative medicine doctors throughout the U.S. and Canada. Hans Gruenn's office gave me this info.

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    I'm so happy you found this doc. I hope and pray she helps you.

    Love, Mikie