I saw my pain doctor today and did what I said I was going to do

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 18, 2006.

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    We talked for a while about my pain and I told him that I was forgetting to take my pain meds due to being so sleepy and fatuiqued all the time. And I didn't want to build up a stash of my MScontin.

    So he agreed to lower my dose by one pill a day. So I will now be taking 4 100 mg's of MScontin and if I can do with a lower dose in a month or so I am going to have him lower it to 3 a day. But I don't think that I will go any lower than that.

    We talked about his upcomming trail for suxual assualt. And I am so worried about it and what it could do to him and his practice. So many patients could lose the best pain doctor there is. And I don't want to have to drive over a hour a way to see a pain doctor but I may have to do so.

    HE was charged with this false charge of sexual assualt but two formor patients, one was under Versed and demoral and said that he touched he . He had two nurse's in with him all the time and she was dressed and in a gown and only had a four inch spot that showed and was sterile. He gave her the meds and left the nurses till the meds were working and them did the facet injcetion that was to be done. And then he reversed the medication and left the room again ,after he checked her to see if there was not bleeding and any other problems and there were none.

    So he had the nurse's get her dressed and when he saw her again she was leaving to go home with some one to drive her home and to stay with her.

    AT NO time did was he alone in the room with the patient. He had both nurse's with him in the room during the procedure and up untill she was awake , dressed and leaving as they assited her to the car. But she claims that he was not professional with her. Both nurses have said the same thing to the police .

    But apparently she wanted to press charges against him and it could cost him his freedom and his practice and medical liencese.
    I don't want to have to find a new doctor but it could happen that I may have to do so. I am praying that the truth will come out and that all the charges will be dropped against him and he will be free to keep on praticing pain management.

    Really worried,Rosemarie
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    I'm not sure if 4 100mg of MsContin is alot or not because I'm not sure what other's here are taking. My pain dr. won't allow more than 30mg a day. No wonder it doesn't touch the pain!!

    I'm sorry your dr. is going thru this if the allegations are not true. If they are I have no sympathy for him but I do for you and his patients

    We had a male nurse here charged with this so it does happen. I've been assaulted in that way by other people but never a doctor.I was physically assaulted by a Dr. when he grabbed my arm because he was mad at me because he blamed me for his medical mistake of running some drip too fast on an elderly woman. I screamed that he hurt me and he belittled me and told me he did not but I got this huge bruise on my wrist. Did I do anything about it? Nope, cuz I was too sick but I will before the end of the year. He probably doesn't work at this hospital anymore but I want this on his record.

    I hope your Dr. gets his day in court. We are all innocent until proven guilty.

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