I saw Under Our Skin today

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    The movie was amazing. I learned so much. It made me sad, mad, scared for my life and snapped me out of any denial I was in.

    Even though they explained the politics I still don't fully understand it. I know it all comes down to money but I just kept thinking WHY? WHY? WHY? does it have to be this way. It is just so odd how this whole Lyme disease is handled.

    It was shown at a support group meeting. I found out about some local LLMDs. I am on a wait list for one. I am number 125 on the list! So I found out about another doctor who may be able to help me.

    Remember my digestive system is really messed up? Well, someone today told me that instead of oral antibiotics I could take IV and it would not affect my stomach. I never thought about that. I'm so scared of the treatment but so scared (especially after the movie) about doing nothing to treat Lyme!!!

    I feel a sadness. I now believe I have Lyme and must fight it.

    Anyone see the movie? Anyone do IV antibiotics?


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    I just got the movie, and have not had a chance to watch it. I am so excited, and yet I know it will make me cry.

    Please don't be afraid. I do oral Abx, and it can be bad, but it gets better fairly quickly. If you look on youtube, the girl with the paralyzed face (that they said there was "no meds for someone like you") has an updated piece showing how 3 yrs later she is so much better.

    It will give you hope to see her~ it is amazing.

    God led you to this, and by knowing, you will not be one of the people being sacrificed by all of this.

    Read a book called "Poison Plum", and you will get more insite. It is about the Plum Island fiasco.

    And get Stephen Buhner's book "Healing Lyme". It is amazing and insiteful.

    And remember that you are never alone in this. :)

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    I've been taking oral ABX for almost exactly one year. I'm interested in IM ABX. There's a thread about it near the top. Intramuscular ABX, you get it in a shot in your hiney, so no side effects except soreness when you sit down!

    I either have some sort of flu or the beginning of C difficile this weekend, so I stopped taking my ABX and I'm taking care of my digestive system. I'll be seeing my PCP tomorrow, and hopefully take care of this.

    I'll be faxing this info about IM to my LLMD, even tho I don't have an appt for 6 weeks.

    The book "Plum Island" is fiction. The book "Lab 257" is true and written by an investigative reporter. It reads like a horror story, and hard to believe it's true.

    Medicine in this country is not set up to handle new illnesses. The only reason AIDS got attention is everyone was dying who got it, so it couldn't be denied. Even then, it was slow going for awhile for them.

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    For your info., I just finished a book entitled: BULL'S EYE:
    Unraveling the Medical Mystery of Lyme Disease. Goes thru the
    background of Lyme and the controversy that that still reigns
    with this illness. It is objectively written and will illuminate the often bitter fight over the definition of Lyme
    and what that means to we who are victims. It is fairly easy
    "layman" reading and I found it helps to know WHY my medical
    people attempt to but my illness in the "circular file".

    I do wish you all the best in your pursuit of wellness! Re-
    member that YOU are your own best advocate!

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    I'm curious, as it's not easy for me in Mexico to get my hands on books right now...

    does he talk about the parrallel with syphilis, re masquerading as other 'diseases' and also that many who were thought to be cured when penicillin was new ended up showing up with tertiary syphilis?

    I am really looking for a good book on that... but hard to tell without being able to really look at a book , despite amazon's "look in this book' feature...

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