I see dots within my eye,,,,

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    When I sit by a bright light like the computer, I see things floating inside my right eye, 2 blackish dots, plus a strand-like looking thing that I can accually see if I change focus I've seen this stuff for a couple of months. Is it bacteria I see? Sounds weird, huh? have anyone had any eye problems like Iritis for example, and seen those things during inflammation of the eye? If I keep my focus on the computer screen instead, it looks sort of hazy instead, it's blocking my clear vision. Anyone experienced anything similar? I've heard you can accually "see" bacteria floating around in an eye. Any input?
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    You need to call your eye doctor tomorrow morning!!!

    You need to take one of those "fields" tests. They always ask me if I see anything floating, dots, etc.

    You have a problems that needs to be addressed by a professional.

  3. lenasvn

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    I will call right away tomorrow. I am surprised there have been no pain, although I had lots of pain/ pressure in the past (that I never checked, shame on me) it could go on for weeks at a time. I had a quick check for damage from my plaquenil, but she only checked for that, and she was stressed, unpolite. Would she not have seen anything then unless I told her? Thank you so much for your reply!
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    YOu need to see your eye doctor right away. Be sure he/she is an opthomologist (an MD). Those may be only floaters, th dots, from dry eyes, but it sounds like you might be getting a detached retina...and that is very serious!!

    Not meaning to scare you, but better safe than sorry.
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    I am tired of NOT hearing the truth! I appreciate you telling me. I am just so surprised this stressed eye doc. I saw for the other reason didn't see anything, but maybe it requires different instruments, or a non-stressed doc! I will call the other eye doc tomorrow, the only 2 in town,,,Thanks for your responses!
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    I always thought this was nothing. Even has been talked about on this board. I didnt think they were bacteria but just floaters and everone has them. Did I miss some of your symptoms?? MAybe try to see what people have said about it on this board by doing a search. I even heard someone say that it might be that fibro people get them more or something. I am NOT disagreeing with the other here -at all. JUst wanted to maybe have you a little less worried before you went to the eye Dr. And of course I may not have remembered right or something. I know I have the "fog"
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    I've had strange pains in the past, and I have rheumatoid arthritis problems which can hit the eye, so i guess. I had my near vision go bad rather fast (not very bad, but pretty obvious) in only a few months. We'll see, I think it won't hurt to find out once and for all since I had ocular pains come and go for a few years, i just wasn't smart enough to check it, since i thought it was something allergic (not!).
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    You mentioned many posts on floaters, here is one since you mentioned it. Fibrohugs!

    See libra55's post here:

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    I am sure it's nothing serious, but I'll check to be on the safe side! Another sign that something silly is going on in my system, huh.
  10. for years ive been seeing little black spots in my sight,i was told they are called floaters,apparently its little bits of blood that have leaked from blood vessels.
    but the thing that is happening to me over the last 8 month is,im now seeing a white round circle in my sight,it seems to be at the side and it moves to the centre,then over to the other side of my sight.
    im due for my eye test in march so ill let you know what my optician says on the matter.

    all the best
    xx fran
  11. lenasvn

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    I did a search online for "floaters in eyes, and found alot of interesting reads. Your new thingie (ring) sounds odd, please let us know how that one visit goes!
  12. yes ill certainly let you know what my optician says about that white ring i keep seeing in my eyes.

    kind regards
    fran xx
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    Those dots are called floaters. See your eye doctor...but I think there's not much they can do. They don't go away and they won't hurt your eye but it is bothersome.