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    I am only 24 years old. Recently diagnosed with FM and it is all I can do to get around. =( I can't cook, clean, take care of the kiddos, make love to hubby or even just play on the floor with the kids. I am so mad, very. I go to doc again tomorrow and I am going to ask him about SSDI and possibly some type of scooter. I feel like I am crazy because I hurt so bad. Am I? I too want to use the electric scooters in the grocery stores. But I am too very embarrassed. I can't push the *normal* carts around once it starts getting full. I went the other day with the kids to pick up only a few things, (Huh, I *thought* I could do it) it was all I could do to push my kids in the cart. One is only 16 months old and the other is four years old. The four year old wanted inside the cart, I had to make him walk because I couldnt lift him! =( whhhhaaaa. Argh, I just dont know. Is it too *early* for walking devices?
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    walking device or the cart at the store. Can anyone watch the kids so you can try the cart alone the first couple of times?

    I am afraid to use it for fear I'll make a fool of myself and run into someone but other than that, unless a miracle happens I am going to have to do something other than leaning on my cart.

    All I can say is do what's right for you - you need to save energy however you can right now to get thru each day. Maybe take a friend with to take off some of the pressure the first time. Just trying to come up with a scenario you can live with and still experience a little bit of life.

    Hang in there - I do hope you can find medical help to take off a little of the weight of this thing. It can seem so overwhelming when everything is hitting you right in the face.