I shall Live and not Die- copeing

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Jubi, Jan 2, 2005.

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    I was going to write a quick thank you for those who responed to me in my desperate plight yesterday and for me to write anything quick would be a miricle !!!!

    So I have these insane moments or couple hours and I awake the next day like nothing happened. Yes , I will miss my grandson and surely not done crying ,, But all I can think of right now is praying and praising as thats the only way I see that I can affect the situation starting again when i'm off here.
    . This has happened two days in a row and Ive done weeping for a night , and woke up joyless more than I care to think. How can God be so nice and good to me when I have been an insane brat, and told him what I felt about him too, and my apparent unblessed family , and all that hopelessness and devestation is gone and even as I wept , muy husband was on his knees in our living room where I told him he can do this God thing all by himself, as I was deflated, beyond measure as I cannot keep up with these losses. I refuse to be a multiple , as some have switched in the past(other people), but I am going to make it through this as I feel your prayers and wish I could personally hug you all just for the fact that I awake and its a new day and I desire to rejoice in it. repeated that verbally now for months "this as the day that the lord has made and I shall be glad and rejoice in it. Now I am not saying it , but I am doing it !!! Thank you thank you thank you Hugs Hugs, your prayers I know ment so much, and I dont feel my poor hubby and I are alone anymore

    . When you are too down to pray for your self I see there was no other choice but to cry out and I am so blessed I came to the worship Board. I need to drop by and say hello to my Fibro friends, Thanks again and Gods grace and Peace be yours this night. Jubi
    PS I wrote alot under my subject tonight of "I cannot cope" about all the great things the Lord has done. Jubi
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    I`m glad your feeling better. This is all so hard to live with, who wouldn`t get discouraged at times. I do too and when we lift each other up in prayer, it always helps.

    Take care,