I should be happy

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  1. Everyone here please pray for me...I should be happy...I just retired two weeks ago...and I feel so depressed instead...every morning I wake up and thank God..but then I find myself with so much time on my hands and nothing to do..I no longer have a routine..and I live alone...and my brother is living in a homeless shelter...I should be happy..but instead I am depressed..Please,please pray for me...God Bless Everyone..Thank You
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    I like so much what Jam said about finding things that you enjoy. That's usually where our gifts are. Maybe you've been working so hard, and then I remember you caring for your mother in her illness.

    This is a whole new direction - perhaps to unbury some hidden dreams and interests. Sometimes you can start out really small. What kind of interests do you find zest in? Even a little bit.

    Praying for your loneliness. That God will lead you to loving connections in the world. There is so much to give and receive.

    I found a prayer here that you wrote for me in '06 when I was struggling with depression - so beautiful and supportive. I'm praying for you everyday.

    I hope you will keep sharing as you go along. There are not as many people here as there used to be. But maybe more will come. Let's pray for that.

  3. I am going to listen to you..and find some connections...and yes..I am so surprised that you remembered me from my Mom back in '06...Sadly, Mom passed away at the nursing home in April 2009...Almost 4 years ago...Oh geez,you bought back memories...

    Mom always seemed to me at least,now that I look back almost 25 years..to always have something happen..when things happened to me good or bad..

    In 1988, one month before I started my career at the Postal Service..Mom had a total hip replacement...She lived with me during that time as she healed for 5 months following her surgery..It was the best time of my life...She didn't live in an elevatored building..and because of the hip replacement surgery..she could not go back to live in her 5th floor walk-up...against Dr. rules for total recovery..

    Then again,December 2005, when I went in for minor surgery,Mom also came down with the Alzheimer's Disease...Things always happened her ...during times when I didn't want to occur..especially while I was trying to recuperate...bought her to stay with me...while I recuperated..and it was the other way around,I was taking care of her,while also trying to recuperate from my surgical procedure...

    When I was 4 days into vacation time from my job...Mom passed away..in the nursing home..I was barely 4 days into my vacation...It went from vacation to burying Mom...She died of a massive heart attack..it was on Tuesday..I was going to visit her while I was vacation..the following day..Wednesday..but Mom and I didn't get to say our goodbyes..She died...I went to the nursing home..and there was Mom..she had died like 25 minutes before...She look so serene and at peace...I miss her so much...but pray..that we will again meet up in the afterlife...

    Thanks, Judy..and I would love to see the prayer that I wrote to you back in 2006...Now I need a prayer myself...I will be alright...God is on my side...God Bless you and many hugs, Helena
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    It sounds like you had such a beautiful, loving relationship with your mother. Thinking of how you said it was the best time in your life when she stayed with you after her hip replacement surgery.

    Oh, Alzheimers! Both my Aunt and my father had Alzheimers - it is such a terrible disease. That must have been heartbreaking for you to live through. Did your Mom pass away in 2005? Did she have Alzheimers for a long time?

    I was wondering if you have any other family members?

    Well, was thinking of you today, and praying for you for right where you are in your life now. For the beginning of your retirement, that you might find new beginnings. What kind of interests do you have?

    Did you know that all your posts are saved here at PH? You can find them by clicking onto your name, going to your profile, and clicking onto Posts, then they will show up for each board that you wrote on.

    About our interests in life, sometimes little things can bring us joy and make us feel more alive. For instance, my husband and I had to leave our home because of damage from Hurricane Irene causing mold to spread throughout the house, after flooding.

    Here in the place we are now there is so much more sunshine from glorious 5 foot high windows - so many windows in every room. I never was able to grow flowering plants before, but am delighting in it. I have a beautiful Sonoma plant that flowers clusters of pink-orange petals, and for Valentines Day my husband surprised me with a glorious, elegant, magenta orchid. They give me so much satisfaction tending to them, and watching them as the light slants on them throughout the day.

    I'm having fun thinking of what kind to get next. I've always loved flowers, and I think the beautiful things of nature are an important connection.

    Keeping you in my daily prayers. Let me know how things are going.

    God Bless,
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    Helena and Jam - found this stray post on the Health board and lassoed it and brought it back. Helena - there is a glitch that happens to so many posts, for some unknown reason. If you post something and it doesn't appear, check out the Health board. Hi Jam too.

    2/14/13 10:15 PM Ms. Jammin

    thank you so much for your reply...I should feel very embarrassed...since I just recently retired...

    You are right...I have to find something to keep me busy...I have entertained the idea of taking some basic computer classes..and possibly later..finding part-time work...

    Thanks for all of your input...You made me feel alot better...If you did it..and here you are at 74..still going on...

    God Bless you Jammin...Lots of Appreciation...

  6. Thanks for your response to my post..re: Mom having her hip replacement surgery..

    Mom passed on April 14,2009,it will be 4 years this April...I miss her so much..I wish she could've been around..to see me retire...Had she lived to 2013,I would've bought her home to live with me,and out of the nursing home she died in.
    I just recently retired on January 31,2013...Everytime I visited w/Mom at the nursing home..she would tell me she wanted to go home...I am saddened by that..even till this day...You are so right...I think it was you who wrote,that so many are no longer on these message board...

    I don't even see Norton's ....he was such an inspiration to me..and will always be..when he posted on here..and help so many of us to understand Alzheimer's and to deal with it better...I know he helped me so much...I read all of his posts.
    I am not sure,but I think he was even writing a book about Alzheimers' Disease...

    Thank you also Jammin and for your input..I think you're prayers for me are being answered..Everyday...I feel a little better...I just have be strong,find hobbies and interests,and move on with life..because as it said...Lifes too short and that's the truth...thank you and certainly keep the prayers for me going on,I truly appreciate...God Bless Everyone Here on the Message Boards..
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    I remember chatting with you on the instant chat line. Maybe finding a place to volunteer once or twice a week would help you. Does your area have a Senior Meals program that meets a couple of times a week for either a lunch or a dinner meal. In my community they meet in a community hall. Our program also has a Meals on Wheels program where a volunteer delivers meals to clients who can't get out to the community sites for meals. We are always looking for volunteers to help deliver meals, act as a cashier on meal days, and sometimes even helping fix the meal too.

    Another idea--do you sew or have you wanted to learn to sew? Lots of areas have quilt clubs where they make lap blankets for various kinds of people in the community~~hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters to name a few of them.

    You might check with United Way for some ideas too.

    Good luck to you! I miss not seeing anyone in the chat rooms anymore
  8. Yes..we do have a community place...I've been meaning to call them...but right now,I am so busy with home projects...throwing this out,putting this away,cleaning...there always something to do in the home...but I will check the community center as soon as I get my home projects finished..I just retired,and here I am complaining that I am not happy...but after talking to neighbors about all the stuff I hated about my job..I began to feel happy,I don't have to be bothered with that scene anymore...or the routine...and thanks I will call and find out about United Ways...is that the meals on wheels programs..the cashering part would be nice...is that volunteer or paid? Please let me know if you read this post...

    Yes,Beadlady..I do miss the old chatrooms...why did they(Prohealth) change them? That was a bad move on their part....Thanks for your suggestions,and ideas...
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    So glad that you are involved in working on your home. Maybe there wasn't enough time before to really do all you wanted there. And glad that you are feeling some relief in not having to work - the negatives.

    Will keep praying whenever I see your name and posts here.

    God Bless,
  10. Thank you for keeping in your prayers...I am starting to get use to be retirement.

    Many would love to be in my shoes...Not having to fall a routine anymore...Here I was feeling bored..but it is slowly starting to disappear..the feeling of being depressed..

    I have so many tasks at home...getting rid...of old things,cleaning,vacumming,shopping,getting rid of old paperwork in my file cabinet and the lists goes on...I am getting together and sleeping at a friend's home on Tuesday,and going to Bingo on Friday with another friend...Life is too short for me to complain...coz when we really think about it..Lots of younger people I talk..and tell them I retired..are telling me..they wish they didn't have to work anymore....I will eventually looking into part-time employment...But when I go outside and the temps are in the 20's and 30's...it makes me feel so good..I don't have to leave the warmth of my home and venture out in the cold to go to work..YIPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!...

  11. Wow you sure worked a long time..40 years...well come to think of it...I worked at the postal service for 24 years..but my very first job..when I was just a teenager..was in 1972..I was 16 years old..So you could say..I've been working for almost 41 years...Yes..Jamin...I do enjoy the quiet alone time..not having to hear customers,coworkers,or management complaining..You get alot of complaints,as well as compliments at the Post Office..they go hand and hand..

    I don't miss get up in the morning to the alarm clock...and rushing out of the house to make to work on time...It is such a pleasure...laying in bed...and knowing on the 1st of each month I will get a check in the mail...no more WORK!!

    And Jamin' how true..not to have to answer to the Boss...and my Boss was such a pill of a woman...I don't miss her at all...Sounds terrible but true...

    And thank you for your sleep recipe...I bought the Melantonin,and Calms Forte..they helped me sleep..Thank you so much...I didn't buy the Lemon Balm or the Gaba...that's next on the list...I take alot of meds..so I am bit leary about mixing prescription meds with natural supplements..Anyway,thank you for answering my post...