I signed up for a 1 month hydrofit class at the pool

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    I am taking the hydrofit classes becaues my daughter sent me the money for a 1 month membership so that I could try it out and see how I do. As walking on solid ground is painful for me also and I can't walk for very long or very far. So the only form os exercise I have left is the pool work out and streaching.

    Since my daughter worked hard and sent me her money because she wants to see me feel better and not take so many paain pills. She would like her mother to be somewhat better at walking, If it takes me working out in the deep end of the pool to get my body back into some type of shape that is what I will do.

    I like the program and the instructers. They are not the pones that push me , I am . I get it in my head that when I hear the beat of the music , I haev to keep up with it and it is hard to slow down and take it slower , But it is my goal to do just that , Learn how to SLOW dOWN and not work out so hard.

    I have spoken with the instructers of these class's and they know that I have fibro and they have given me some good advise. Like instead of wearing teh styrofoam booties that offer restatance in the water , I should use a blet and that will hold me up to do the lower half of my body 's exercises with out putting a strain on my knees and low back. And to only do the exercises that I can comfortable do.

    I really like to work out in th epool as it gives me a channce to exercise , because I can't go walking up the street and the sidewalks as I can't walk that far. I don't belong to a gym so I have to use the means avalabe for me. I need to exercise as I can't just keep on laying around on my couch doing the mimimun of things during the day.

    I usually am not up this early in the morning but I was startled by some tihng and work up. But being sleepy I forgot my glass's so if the words seem unually mispelled it is because I can't see what I am writing. Sorry about that.

    I like being in the pool but I have to learn that even though my brain thinks that i can do all the exercise;'s there are I can't do them all and I need to take it much slower and not race in doing the exercise's.

    IF I would take it slower and not work out as long and do more streching in the deep end of the pool while the rest of the class is still exercising I would feel better and I could get the n oodles out and just hang from them with the water holding my up and it feels so free and like nothing is touching me and It is so peaceful for me.

    I had a talk with my daughter who called me and asked me if I thought that I swould feel better if I was doing more and getting some exercise and I said that I thought I would. So she and I both looked at the differnt types of exercise's there are adn the deep end of the pool hydrofit class's are the best one for me.

    She sent me the money for a pass for a 1 month tryout. And after that I will have to deciede if I waat to go to one of the schools adn do their swimming programs in the ddp water I can and she will pay for that also.

    EVen thought I am hurting more now after doing the few days of exercise 'sI still feel better emotionally. I have some where to go and something to do that is good for me and makes me feel so good when I see the women there who ask me "why did you miss class last night?" I have found some friends at this pool and it helps me to keep on going. truggle with it.

    So I will finish out the month and think about what i want to do next. I know that i can't do as much or work out as hard as the rest of the ladies do but that is just fine as I have been told to take it as I can .Do this at your own pace.
    So that is what I am going to do.After all the class's are paid for so I may as well go. I am setting my sights at at least 3 nights a week instead of all 5 nights . I think that starting out doing the 5 nights would be too much for me to do, I think I should start out small and work up to more. IF I can do it with out causing me more pain.

    I know that I am doing what I should as I really struggle with walkig on dry land it hurts worse than the pool. So I am going to finsih out my month's owrth of my pass and take it from there.

    IF I coudl get up in the morning's I ocudl take my vclass's then instead of at night .But I am struggling to keep my eye's open now and it is not even 8 am here.I guess that really lets out the 6am work outs doesn't it.
    I thank you al for your thought's and comments and you have all helped me so much adn you still let me complain aobut my apin even when it is my own doing.

    I thank you for all the support you give to me. You will never really know just how much it means to have friends like you. <I am so touched by your responce's. Thank you so much and please keep on telling me your thoughts. IT does help me so much.

    Sorry about the horriagble spelling and grammer. I got up early adn didn't put my glasses on so I can't see what I am writing. So I know that there are many mispelled words out there and I am sorry for th e mistakes I have make.

    Thank you for your help and support please feel free to tell me your feelings aobut this topic. I need the coments to help me out.Thank you so much.
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    Walking on earth can be unbearable at times thanks to hips and legs that continue to piss me off....

    We bought one of those big blue inflateable pools you see everywhere. I found one that's 18ft & 54" deep instead of the usual 48"...big difference since water comes to waist in mine.

    Some days all I can do is walk around the pool but it gets me moving. On good days I can do crunches, swim a little, stretches, etc.

    And a great tan to boot (yes, lotsa sunscreen)

    keep it up, but don't overdo!!
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    to a public pool yesterday with the kids....I can't swim, but I 'played' in the water with the kids.

    I hurt so bad today!!! But I think I'm going to try it again and see if I feel better.

    BTW, I used sunscreen and burned anyway. Howewver, I used Clean & Clear deep action cream cleanser on the burn, and it's almost gone! It used to last for days on me, and this stuff helps pull the burn out and remove the redness, so it's a nice tan color, and no peeling.
    I used to use Noxema, but this stuff works better than anything I've ever tried, including Aloe.

    I don't have a car to go to the pool everyday, and no access to pool on a regular basis, unless my husband is home....family swim is 7-8:45 every night and it's fre.... but about 10 miles one way to get there...so with gas prices, we'll have to see how often we can go.
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    I was taking physical therapy in the pool, and it cost $50.00 a day over what my insurance paid.

    I couldn't believe it.

    I have gained so much weight that I am intimidated to go, but I am going to try to go to the arthritis exercise water class.