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    I can't believe I did this! I was going to take a hot bath today to help my back. But first I decided to shave my legs. I have not been using a regular razor for very long. As I was shaving, blood started dripping into the tub. I cut the back of my heel, where the skin is very thin. My husband was downstairs playing guitar with a friend, so I held it under the water and then pressed a towel to it. I got out of the tub and blood got on the carpet. Finally it lessened up, and I put a bandaid on it. When my husband's friend left, I showed it to him and he put peroxide and ointment on it with a big bandage. So there went my nice, relaxing bath. The weird thing is, my twin sister told me she cut her toe shaving today!!!!!

    Why do these things always happen to me????

  2. talldi

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    We are very clumsy with our illness. We lack physical coordination, usually from a very early age. My mother used to say she thought I would not have a nose when I grew up because I fell on my face constantly,
    My gym coach hated me in school as I am very tall and couldnt catch a basketball even if standing under it. My husband hit my in the head with a frisbee. We lack awareness of where our bodies are in space.
    I have taught myself to ignore bumps and crunches unconsciously to the extent that I look at all thr bruises and wonder where did they come from.
    You are 'normal' for us.
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    When I read your topic, I thought you slashed your wrists!!!

    Sorry but I was glad to learn that it was your leg shaving !!
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    I use an epilator; they've come a long way since the days of the old Epilady machines. The hair eventually becomes very soft and fine and doesn't grow in nearly as fast. I do it once a week because the hair grows in at different rates, so I'm only removing about 1/3 of it at any given time. I've been doing it so long that it isn't at all painful. The new Emjoi epilator is very gentle with two speeds. It is possible to go 5-6 weeks between epilating if one wishes. No more razor nicks.

    Love, Mikie
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    Yesterday after my husband's friend left, I showed him my heel. He put come hydrogen peroxide on it, some ointment and bandaged it up for me. It hurts a bit today but it'll be alright. I don't know why these things happen to me. I was real depressed last night - I guess it's part the time of year (dark outside) and the constant pain I'm in. I get so tired of it. I'm going back to work on Thursday - I hope that will help. I also want to get back to exercising. Well, I need to go. I'm meeting a friend for coffee at Starbuck's. That will be fun - nice and relaxing!