I slept like a baby last night, thankfully

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Danille, May 3, 2008.

  1. Danille

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    and I went to bed the same time as my husband, big shock to him. About an hour before hubbys bedtime I took 400IU of Vitamin D, 1000mg of Calcium, and 500 mg of magnesium.

    We were watching Greys Anatomy and Moonlight. I started feeling sleepy, yawning, and rubbing my eyes. Moonlight ended and DH gave me a goodnight kiss. I turned off the tv and the lamp and he stopped to ask "are you coming to bed? I told him I felt weirdly sleepy. It was the truth and I needed him to know I wasn't following to get a little something before getting back up for the night :) I was tired!

    I woke up at 7am pain free so I stayed in bed 3 more hours napping and now hurt properly, lol.

    It must have been someone here who gave me the idea. I slept like a baby for exactly 8 hours. Had I gotten up then who knows what a day I would have had.

    Tonight is a dinner party to celebrate my 20 year old daughters six months off meth. Her sponsor will be here, as will her counselor, his wife, and their grown son, her grandfather, grandmother, brother and his girlfriend, Aunt, Cousin, my friend who is teaching her and I belly dance and her teen daughter, and of course my daughters very shy boyfriend will be here. I am so glad that I feel so alert today.

    My DH is working today but he made most everything yesterday and will be bbq'ing when he gets home and is bringing home the surprise cake. Darling daughter doesn't know anything other then that her sponsor and grandpa are coming for dinner. I can't imagine what we'll do for her one year!
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  2. rockgor

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    That's an old joke. Slept like a baby. Woke up every two hours and cried.

    Hope everydobby enjoys the party.

    If you video the belly dancing you can post it on Youtube.

  3. Danille

    Danille New Member

    no one wants to see middle aged women belly dancing. perhaps my daughter could strut her stuff for the boys and girls to enjoy.

    We will have a great time tonight. It is always good to feed loved ones. Feeding folks has always been my hobby. I feel love when there are people at my table. In fact some feel guilty if they aren't on Sundays, as I carefully planned them to feel.

    I saw the thread where you and Barry were chatting. You both seem oh so cool and your partners too. I used to live in your world I think, and then I married my best guy friend. There's not as much cool for a "straight" gal in a suburb. Stupid me was very out so when I did this is was a coming out again sort of and was the hardest of the two. Stupid love, just hits where it hits I guess.
  4. Danille

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    The second night I didn't sleep as well but still had less FMS pain. It of course does nothing for the arthritis in my lower spine. Tonight I am already getting drowsy so maybe night 3 will be another good one.

    Tonight I took 600IU of Vitamin D, 1500mg of Calcium and 750 mg of magnesium. Do any of you know how much is to much or how I will know if I have taken to much? Should I ask my Dr. to check my levels of these things or am I okay to assume that since they are helping I must need them?

    I am such a newbie at trying to find natural ways to get relief. I so badly want off the narcotics.

    Oh, one more question. I am on probiotics but still have to take fiber. Today I doubled the dose of that too. I so badly want at least a semi normal digestive system.
  5. Danille

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    Thanks, yes we are all very proud of my daughter, and I do a good bit of shopping at vitacost.com, they do have great prices.
  6. rockgor

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    You ever try Collagen? I don't see it listed in the Pro health store. I got a big bottle of Collagen plus Vitamin C somewhere. Only $10, about 3 cents a pill.

    I think you're right about love. Reminds me of a college roommate. Used to play the guitar and sing, "Love, O Love, O Careless Love."

    Hey, if you like picnics, did you see the discuss of the play Picnic by Wm Inge? It's on page two of this board.

  7. Danille

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    i have been taking L-lysine for many years. It is believed, and I totally believe it, that L-lysine helps our bodies make collagen. My skin has barely aged since I started taking it so I believe it must work, especially since I smoked up until recently.