i smell like a large ferrett

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    i went to a pet festival over the weekend. it was awesome. tons of dogs cats reptiles potbellied pigs horses and ferrets everywhere. i held a huge prizewinning ferrett. this thing was HEFTY. very cute, but it left its "stank" all over my jacket. so now, i not only look discheveled, but i smell musky too. i get more attractive each day!! lol

    i "crashed" hard after the fiesta, but it was soooo worth it.

    any ferrett lovers out there?

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    Hi bigmamma2

    I have 5 ferrets here in my home. My love aof ferrets started with my daughter's love and obssession of the fuzzy little carpet sharks. Our old house was too small to house a caged animal and promised when we got a larger house we could have a ferret just one. Well the larger hosue came and then my daughter broke her arm and brought up the ferret conversation again. So I looked in the paper for unwanted ferrets to adopt ( I rescue animals) and found not one but 3. I now have 5. They are a joy and bring me great comfort in my days of pain and misery. Natures clowns they are!

    God Bless

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    Your outing sounds Fun! I've seen Ferrets on AFV,,,,Americias Funniest Home Videos,,,They look like their alot of Fun and alot of mischief!,,,,hope you can get the smell out of your coat!,,,lolol,,,,,Sis,,,,,,,p.s.love the photo!
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    That giant smelly ferret in your profile looks suspiciously like a big, smelly, cross-eyed possum.

    The pet festival sounds like fun! I would love a big animal fest!

    I wonder what all the animals were saying to each other that day at the "Human Fest"?

    "Look at MY person! I have him trained to carry me around!"

    "Well, MY human bought me a nicer house than yours."

    "There's my favorite human of the group over there. She's the one that smells just like me!"

    I have a tip. Try spraying your coat with Oust odor neutralizer. I had a dog/skunk incident a few years ago. The peroxide/baking soda/dawn concoction worked great on the dog, but I was left with a lingering aroma on me. I went shopping the next day and mentioned that I hoped I didn't smell like skunk. A stranger told me to try Oust. She had gotten herself directly skunked, and just sprayed Oust into the air and stood under the shower of Oust mist. That's all she did.

    While I found that hard to believe, I did buy some and came home and sprayed the house with it. (We had our attic fan on with the windows open when the skunk attacked, so it sucked all the skunk goodness into the house!) The stuff worked!

    You may not want to directly hose down your coat with it. It might stain. But spray in in the air and let it mist down onto it, or spray it from a slight distance.

    If it doesn't work...watch out for horny ferrets! You are like a ferret magnet now!