I sold a painting last night there is a pic in my profile

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Last night was First Friday and I was at the Gallery doing a meet and greet thing. A very nice lady bought it for her daughter who is 8 and budding violenist.

    I painted it several years ago, it is 4 layers of glass. Three pieces of glass painted with a special glass paint, then you bake in a regular oven.

    Then you stack the glass with spacers between them, the 4 piece of glass is a textured frosted glass and, build the frame and box it like a shadow box. I made one for my granddaughter and liked it so much, I made a second one and it finally sold.

    This was special to me because my best freind that died this year was going to buy it, then she got sick and didn't have the money, I had actually thought of taking it out of the gallery and give it to her but she was gone to fast.

    This little girl will love it for many years to come. Hope you like it-Carla
  2. budmickl

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    I always figured stained glass was one dimensional. This one just blows me away!


  3. sisland

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    Very beautiful Carla! Your Glass work is Amazing! i'm positive the little gal will love it!
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    VERY nicely done!

    I know there are new easier types of glass paint, but I've always been curious about painting on glass the 'old fashioned' way... also interested in doing something like stacking pieces of glass in spacer shadowboxes...

    which paint do you use, if you don't mind my asking?

    At least it will give me something to think about, even tho I'm not in the position of 'doing' right now... lolol... love to see what people do just to at least keep my mind working!


  5. ckball

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    bud-stained glass CAN be 3-D. I have asked to create a 3-D cross 18in tall with a light in the bottom.

    Sisland- yes, she will, I signed the back and said I hoped it made her smile everyday. She won't see it until she gets it home. She was just the sweetest girl with her pink and purple violin. Her teacher was playing at the gallery last night so she came down to play a song too.

    Ellespad- thank you, but it is something I work at, it doesnt just happen. It always takes me 2-3 times longer than it would a "normal" person, because I have to take many breaks, but when it's done there is no other feeling like it.

    Georgia- thanks- I heard you got your job back, good for you. You still going to play with me too :)

    Victoria- I use Pebeo brand Vitrea 160. It comes in small tubes to use for line work or outlining. You let that dry overnight, then you use the bottles to fill in the area, you can mix colors, they also have mediums to extend work time, irirdesent to mix with it. The the other Pebeo is a opaque paint like doing china, teapots Donna Drewberry stuff, mostly used on porcelien. Once you let it cure to 24 hours, you bake it for 40 min at 325 and it is diswasher safe. They are a little pricey about 4 buck a tube or bottle

    Go to the library and check out the books, if my small town has them, yours should. I scanned several things and took it back. This seahorse was in another book I bought about glass painting, there are so many ways to do it.

    I also have a 3-D hot air ballon pic, it has a mirror as the back. It is done is iridesenst colors.

    Terch - sometimes it is hard to let go but when I get that check it goes away :) This one was more special than the others. I am going to post another pic tomorrow of the one I am donating to my foundation. It is the favorite one of all of them and so much work in it. I worked on it when I had bronchitits, I would sit and cut little pieces of glass to fit. You'll understand when you see it.

    The library has a lot of good books to learn the basics on most crafts. That is how I started- Check it out- Thanks everyone for your wonderful words, Carla
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    As always, another beautiful piece...

    Your talent amazes me...


  7. springwater

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    Its very inspiring for all of us to see what others can and will do...inspite of challenges like fibro etc.

    that painting makes me want to go and draw or sketch or something as well...I am no good at painting...but like sketching. I have always found sea horses very intriguing.

    Thank you for posting

    God bless
  8. Rosiebud

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    that is a beautiful picture, I love it so will the wee girl it's been bought for.

    It's sad you didn't get the chance to gift it to your friend but it is going to a good home.

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    That's really pretty. You're very talented. Thanks for showing it to us.

    When I taught Third Grade I taught around the theme of Oceanography and the kids and I painted a mural on our windows of the ocean with tempura paint. Your stained glass piece reminds me of that. Also, we made a bulletin board of Seahorses in Sargassum that was adorable. The kids made baby seahorses as well and it was so cute.

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    Very Special.......really love this one! Susan
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    I really appreciate your looking and posting to me. I really hope it makes you want to do something that brings you joy too. We all have gifts and we just need to find them- Carla

    I changed out the picture on Tues the 10th
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    My first reaction was to say, "Ooo wee!", as my daughters used to say when they were toddlers, to candy and toys.

    Your birthday is one day before mine. I just have to have some artistic talent! :) Actually, my father has it (he can draw, paint, and sculpt) and my youngest daughter (she draws and sculpts and builds) has it. However, lately, I've been having an urge to paint.

    Sorry about your friend. I'm glad it got into the hands of budding talent.
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    Wonderful job, Carla!