"I Sought The Lord"

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    I sought the Lord and He found me,
    So far and deep in sin.
    I opened my heart to receive Him,
    So that He could enter in!

    He said, "I will bless and save you,
    Make you my willing slave."
    He is mine, now and forever.
    He gives the strength, now, to be brave!

    I rejoice and praise Him
    For His abundant love.
    My life is, now, so peaceful
    And my spirit is quiet as a dove.

    Please come, now, to my Savior.
    He will make your life rich and full.

    He will bless and save you,
    Make you His blessed tool.

    The blessings of His salvation
    (So rich, full and complete)
    Is yours for the asking,
    If all of the conditions you meet!

    © by (Howard) Vern Nicholson