I started a new (to me) supplement program

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    Try to follow this – I hope it is not too bad:)

    Last week I had called to the FFC in Denver to have them send an info pack. The same day I did that I got a call from a mother of a gal that I went to high school with.

    One of my old assistants here at my office had talked to me a month or so ago and noticed how much pain I was in. She has numerous health problems and has been taking these supplements and they have been helping her. She wondered if I wanted the woman to call me that she goes through – I told her sure. It just happened to be the mother of a friend of mine from way back.

    We talked on the phone for quite a while – one of her daughters had been having problems with IBS and now it is under control – and she had me talk to a gentleman from Columbus, NE that was suffering with FM terribly – and it has been helping him as well. All it is is vitamins & herbs – no magic potion they do not try to make it sound like one of those too good to be true things like some people do:) They tell you it is just nutrition not an end all cure all.

    I just thought what the hay – I decided to try this before I went to the FFC. All I am doing is drinking this powder 3 X a day in 8 oz of juice. I would actually like to drink it all day because it tastes sooooo good! I got 3 kinds of powder but you mix them together – one is orange flavored and it is for energy – one is almond flavored and it is for fiber – and the 3rd is pineapple flavored it is for nutrition so the cells can heal. I put it in orange/pineapple/strawberry juice and I love it! Did I tell you that already???

    I will be the guinea pig on this and let ya know. I have been drinking it for about a week now and it has helped my energy and I don’t notice so much pain in the morning right now. But I am not willing to attribute it all to this right now so don’t get me wrong. You have to remember that they just took me off the other drugs because of my liver levels.

    I am keeping a notebook – so I will let you know! OOPs - almost forgot to tell you that it is called Reliv

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    and let us know how it goes!

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