I stopped neurontin..any other suggestions

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    Ok, so this is my 3rd run around w/ neurontin and After 3 weeks, it didnt do a thing, so i decided to stop...i was up to 1200mg a day...my first time ever on it 2+yrs ago 600mg a day worked miricals with a week-2.....so im wondering if there ends up being a tolerance immune thing when u go on and off to many times.

    I decided to quit it cause why shove 1200 mgs of a drug a day in your system if its not going to ease up on the pain...and i feel 3 weeks was fair at upping to that amount....

    do u think i gave it a fair shot? I just know in the past 600 worked in less time then 1200..u know. plus w/ the fatty liver, i dont want to use Blank drugs..do u agree???

    So does anyone have any comments on another Drug? that i can suggest to DR? does cymbalta have a weight gain side effect?
    I am in pain, as u all r, and im sick of useless drugz, taken for no reason, just so the DR feels better not giving me the narcotics i need.....
    UGGG....well thanks for listening, and responding..beck!!!

    PITATOO Member

    Lyrica works in a similar manner. I only take it when I am in a lot of pain and can't sleep. Have you ever tried Ultram. I know it is a complete different drug but I have been on it for 11 years and it has been a life saver. Before it I had no life. Now most of the time I feel pretty darn good. I was on Neurontin and Remeron for sleep but I think the remeron was causeing my ankles and feel to swell or that may be my high blood pressure pill. But since I have been working out. 3 days a week I am only on the Ultram, I think in the past 3-4 months I have only had to take the Lyrica twice. Read up on ultram. It also helps kill pain by raising your seratonin level. I know it is not the best on the liver because I believe it is made from a derivative on acetometaphin(sp) or whatever tylenol is made of. But I get my liver enzymes checked every 3 months and my Doc thinks of no reason to go off the Ultram especially that has worked so long. Good luck - I know we are all looking for that magic pill but I don't think there is one. Fibro Hugs - Bobby
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    so those 2 drugs, r they narcotics..cause u know dr's, god forbid...ill talk to him about them!!! thanks so much. beck
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    I don't think they are narcotics. Amytruptiline works for me but even on 10mg I gained about 10lb of tummy fat in three weeks.

    I see pain doc today.First time. Is your doc a pain doc
    as this one works with trigger point, nutrition and supplements as well as meds.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  5. My dr. wants me to take lyrica also. But so far I haven't tried it. I am so leary of all these drugs they keep giving me.
    Pitatoo did your dr. tell you to take the lyrica just when you feel you need it or are you doing it on your own or? That way I may try it, as needed. (by the way , love the photo in your profile)
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    Amertriptaline, or however u spell it...was the first one they gave me...yrs ago...i couldnt wake up in the morning on it, and it didn't take away pain...but thanks for answering the other questions.....beck!!!
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    i need to go buy one of those...it feels so good, when i warm up my leather couch by laying there long enough and then putting my back to that area thats warm....ahhh, the pressure and the heat...ahhhh ...thanks bek