I strongly recommend advanced level energy testing...

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    If I can cut the path shorter for anyone out there... I'd tell you that in my experience, the blood tests are inadequate. Even though IgeneX is one of if not the best, it still missed one coinfection in my daughter, namely Bartonella, that advanced Energy testing found.

    By advanced level energy medicine, I mean what Dr.J and his former coworker in KS do and what Dr. K in WA does... My daughter has needed both. Found what was blocking that nobody else found in 10 years of medical and alternative efforts...
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    Hi Renae-keep us posted on your daughter's progess with Dr. K and his treatment protocol for Bartonella. Unfortunately I'm still not rebounding from December crash/drugs continuing decline with more numbness , dizzy, neck weakness ,jerking etc etc and no sleep! Still in hell and trying to climb out. I have an appoitnment with a neurolgist and debating on seeing one of the big name lyme docs raxlen or Horrowitz. I'm terrified about more drugs given where I am right now from taking some and sending me over the cliff/how bad I have become. If I get any worse I'll be in a bed. I can't live this way! I have talked to some who have gotten better on abx but not cured with neuro symptoms, but then another woman with MS that went from walking/yoga to bed bound in 6 months and had to quit the abx is now in a wheel chair. I feel trapped right now and not sure what direction to take.

    She see's doctor K and she said he is starting to do stem cell treatments this spring? curious on that--anyway keep us posted on your journey
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    Sending some ((hugs)) your way!

    If you can possibly financially afford Dr. K, go there. He will put you on the right track.
    You start with 4 days, then go home and work the plan and see him 4 months later for a followup. I recommend getting started immediately, because it takes time to get organized with getting labs done, ordering products, etc. I wish I had gone to him a long time ago. But what my daughter gained from Dr. J's office was absolutely essential before we came to Dr. K.

    Dr. K said that my daughter is the ideal patient, because she hasn't been on the antibiotics!!!..
    So your heart is telling you the right thing, hq!!... There is a time and place for antibiiotics but you can't know when that is without energy testing.


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    I'm emailing with someone who has MS /Lyme who sees dr k. He had her on abx! I don' t know all the details but she had to stop after becoming bedridden and so toxic. She can barely type now-maybe I'm no tfollowing the story 100% but that is my impression. I think Dr. K does use abx sometime for lyme?

    She is in wheelchair and he is recommeding stem cell treatments which I understand he is going to have the ability to do in the spring.
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    yes, I think he uses antibiotics sometimes, but he does the ART (autonomic response testing) to determine what treatments he does and when.

    I'm glad that your friend is getting his help.

    Did you hear Dr. Mercola's recent interview of Dr. K?... I got it via e-mail. It was great!

    Today a local energy dr used some techniques to help my daughter get over a past trauma from a surgery. Dr. K said this trauma had been overwhelming and blocked her body's response past treatments. I was in another room while this local energy dr was working with her. This morning she was frustrated and cried when she talked to me about that surgery, as if it had just happened!!....and after the treatment this afternoon, I couldn't believe the change in her perspective and the peacefulness!!! I tried common reason with her this morning and could not effect such a change. These energy techniques do work!!!...

    Hq, keep me updated... I hope and pray you can get the help you need soon.
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    Ceftriaxone has shone great promise for neuro lyme. Iam able to walk easily, read. understand english, no more uncontrolable movements, auditory hallucinations, electrical shock sensations etc... It is important to detoxify, elliminate all sugar, carbs. melatonin or xanex has elliminated sleep issues. Vitamin B complex has been really helpful. Though it's hard, you can and will get better. 9 months ago I was completely debilitated,close to death. Infected 11 years ago, began treatment july. Hang in there. you can do this!
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    Nancy would love to connect directly with you- can you email me at f13girl@comcast.net? Thank you.
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    I'm glad to hear you are improving! *smile*

    I only wish the same things worked for everyone.

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    I had no idea that Ceftriaxone was so effective against neurolyme - maybe that is why I have seen such a huge improvement.

    Two neurologist told me it was not MS and now one place on my leg that was numb has forked lightning type pain - the neurologist says that the nerves are regenerating.

    It is all a little scary though as I have these pains in my head - regenerating, regenerating, regenerating is my mantra.

    Thanks for the information


    1999 CFS, 2002 CMV Myco pneumonia
    1 year antibiotics on and off
    2002 EBV, 2009 Positive Igenex Borellia and Babesia,
    Brain mri severe white matter disease
    Monoclonal Gammopathy.
    On and off antibiotics since sept.
    March 9 started iv antibiotics
    added azithro May 1st
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    Maps- glad to hear you are getting well- what were your symptoms? How have you improved- what were the herx's like? I'm still pursuing alternatives ( homeopathy/david dalton teasel flower lyme treatment -seeing some improvement on that) I'm so fearful now of putting anything into mybody- fear is an understatment since herbs 2 years ago and now a few drugs in december took me from functional (but declining) and a few symptoms to 100 fold/neuro hell that I'm still in.
  11. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    how is your daughter doing with dr k's treatment?
  12. Renae610

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    She had an anaphylactic (trouble breathing) reaction to the medication that was supposed to reduce sensitivity to treatments and help with gut healing!

    So now she is doing Allergie Immun; this program is supposed to cause a bioenergetic shift. I was amazed with the assessment they made based on her first saliva sample. Based on everything I already know about her condition, they are on track. Once she finishes the first product they created for her, we send in another sample and we will find how much progress she is making or if she needs to do another cycle and a third. Improvement should allow her to begin eating foods she cannot tolerate now, and hopefully more kinds of progress. It is too early to tell now.

    She caught viruses between Feb. and now, so has had "post-viral" troubles like a long recovery time. So it is hard to see improvement on the chronic conditions. In recent weeks she was feeling sicker from ANY foods! It scared the wits out of me! Someone told me to give her vegetable broth and Congee, and now she seems to be handling her former limited diet again, fortunately! I am eager for things to get better overall! She can't take any of the products Dr. K gave her so far... hopefully Allergie Immun will change that and get us going forward!

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    "Dr. K said that my daughter is the ideal patient, because she hasn't been on the antibiotics!!!.."

    What does this mean? That antibiotics drive the bugs deeper into the tissues? I've been told by various people that you really can't get rid of Lyme without the use of antibiotics. So now, I'm hearing this.

    I've never seen such controversy over treatment of diseases as with Lyme. Connie Strasheim, the lady with the books and the blogs has tried every alternative treatment under the sun and even she says that she believes that it can't be beaten without antibiotics. All of these conflicting opinions really confuse me. I'm scheduled to see and LLMD who uses aggressive abx. So now I should cancel and go to Klinghardt? I heard Klinghardt doesn't even want to see you until you get rid of all amalgam fillings and chelate the mercury out of the body. So I'm supposed to take all that additional time doing that and not treating the illness? This is getting more and more frustrating.

    Where else can this energy level testing be done? Is Klinghardt the only guy that does it?[This Message was Edited on 05/26/2010]
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    Here's what I've learned:

    Those who take antibiotics usually have to take more than one cycle of it and more kinds to cover all coinfections. So you're setting yourself up for long-term antibiotic use, and there are consequences to that:

    (1) Antibiotics do not kill all the bugs in one swing or ever. They cause the remaining bugs to get stronger and harder to kill off. Then what do you do with the drug-resistant ones?... now you might have a chronic, probably incurable disease or post-lyme syndrome. Better to use more natural methods first.

    (2) Dr. K knows that long-term use of antibiotics causes "biofilms", a very tough obstacle to killing off Lyme & coinfections and blocks overall recovery. My daughter doesn't have a biofilm problem--hurray!! I met a lady who has a terrible biofilm problem. Why didn't all the antibiotics cure her? She has spent the last 2 years working with an LLND trying to get rid of biofilms so that her body will accept any other treatment--that is a scarey place to be. Her former doctors had been too short-sighted.

    I'm not saying all antibiotic use is bad. There is a time and place for it. And a limited time.
    Long-term antibiotics can cause dysbiosis and damage. My younger daughter has that problem due to long-term acne treatment! She believed the doctor and didn't listen to me.

    Yes, antibiotics drive the Lyme bugs deeper into the tissues.... so you have to have a bigger strategy than just antibiotics. Antibiotics alone are not the magic bullet.

    Lymes Disease isn't only about killing bugs... Carefully consider why YOU are sick. What factors are keeping you in that condition? Advanced Energy Medicine asks your energy system questions and you treat specifically by what it reveals. This takes the experimentation out of alternative treatment and saves you money in the long-run.

    By ADVANCED Energy Medicine, I mean Dr. J. DC in KS and Dr. K MD in WA. Start by reading Dr. J's book, if you can. Dr. K had no requirements before seeing my daughter, but she had already been assessed by Dr. J and has no amalgams. Consider if you have emotional blockages, traumas, wrong beliefs, etc.--there are certain kinds of Energy practitioners who can release those out of your energy field and tissues; if you don't get those resolved, all the meds, natural products and therapies in the world won't work.

    Chaps: "I've been told by various people that you really can't get rid of Lyme without the use of antibiotics. So now, I'm hearing this."

    I've heard that too. Where's the proof? Do they mean a temporary wellness or permanent wellness? I want long-term wellness. This disease is more complex than just taking an antibiotic or years of antibiotics. Perhaps an idea that is closer to the truth is that we never fully get rid of the bugs in our system, but we can eliminate more of them over time if we don't strengthen them (by too much antibiotics) and if we can properly assist our bodies to get stronger to handle it so that we no longer manifest symptoms. Do you know that many people carry Lyme and never manifest symptoms? Their bodies are stronger than the bugs and no antibiotic-caused biofilms blocking healing.

    Hope this helps.

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  15. zipk

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    Hi Renae:

    How do you know she has leaky gut? Energy testing or lab test?

  16. Renae610

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    We found leaky gut through a lab test.
  17. chaps

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    What is the title of Dr. J's book? I didn't see any advertisements for a book on his home page (assuming that Dr. J is Jemsek, not the basketball Dr. J, Julius Erving).
  18. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    Jernigan, www.hansacenter.com The book is Beating Lymes Disease.

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