I survived the NCS & colonoscopy.. BUTT (lol)...now I am flaring

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    I have been reading the posts, but haven't had too much energy to reply. The nerve conduction tests done last week really zapped me. I still have large bruises wher the stuck the needle in. I look like I've been in a fight.
    I am blessed ot have you all in my life, I will be back to posting soon, God willing.

    I just wanted to share this and see how others reacted to the procedure.
    Some idiot nurse told me I could NOT take my oxy or xanax after 8:00 the night before..so you can imagine my state of mind before the test. I found out in the OR that i could have taken it when i got up that AM!!!
    My poor hubby, God bless him. He waitied while they preped me, walked all the was to the sergical unit door, holding my hand.....
    I had no prob drinking the "lovely coctail"..it was the terrible gas pains that brought me to my knees and tears that go me, but I made it thru
    They found a "Large" polyp in the sigmiod and removed it. It was so large it was litterally blocking things up. Thats why the drink hurt me sooo bad. (Enough Detail)
    I slept most of yesterday, actually felt well enough to go out for a small bite @ dinner. But I am paying for it today.Evidently I was still under the effects of the anesthesia. (they totally knock you out @ this hospital)
    NOW I know what being hit by a train REALLY feels like. I can barely move, walking is next to impossible. This is definatly a flare of all flares. The I have the added bloating (I look about 5 mos preg.)My abdomen hurts just sitting here. Every joint & muslce throbbs.
    I took my oxy and a soma this am..no effect whatsoever...will take anohter at lunch & go back to bed.
    No, I do not have a fever...thought of THAT...

    As I said, just wanted to share...
    For those of you facing one...you can taje your meds the night before, and usually the morning of.
    The test was nothing....
    BUT I am curious, How have others reacted the day after?
    Maybe it's just the combo of a nerve cond. study and then the rotoruter job five days later that has overloaded my system...ya think?
    I know one thing...I AM DONE. NO MORE TESTS, NEEDLES or TUBES!!
    Warm fuzzies LOL

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    It's good they got that polyp as most do eventually become malignant if left long enough. They pump your intestines full of air so that they can get the instrument up into the colon and get a good look around. That is probably why you feel so bloated. Lie down on your side and then roll onto the other side. This will help get the air out through the ancient art of farting :)

    Good for you for taking care of this.

    Love, Mikie
  3. pam_d

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    I'm glad you at least got through this & are done. But I'm sorry the aftermath is so painful & exhausting!

    I think any "procedures" as they call them, require about 3 times longer for most of us to recover from than the average person. I had the neck epidurals this summer & found out I could crumple up the "post-procedure instructions" they give you to take home---it's not written for us FM/CFS people!! I was a mess for 3-4 days afterward, not 24 hours. In the long run, the epidurals were very successful for my disc problems---I'm glad I had them---but the recovery was really difficult!!

    I hope you have the time to just rest & get through this flare. I'm facing a colonoscopy soon again (I've had one before & it was a piece of cake-----but that was before FM; my Dad has colon cancer so I should go every 5 years at least) so I will try to allow plenty of post-procedure rest.

    I hope you feel better soon, Achy!!

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    I had one...and they totally flared up my CMP and muscle triggerpoints in my left hip/side of body! It was horrible! The pain migrated and made it feel like there was a tickle in my left nostril for a week! I know it sounds crazy, but you have to understand myofascial pain - the damaged muscle tissue refers pain to another part of the body...for one whole year after I was rear-ended (no pun intended!;-) I was so encompassed in pain/nausea I had no idea where it was originating from! The whole left side of my body sustained soft tissue injury from which I have never recovered!
    Take GOOD care...you WILL get better!
    Love, Blondie