I survived the SSA doctor!!

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    What a trip!! The doctor was a jerk, should have expected that I guess. He was very short with his questions. Did not give Mickey time to answer questions without interrupting. He said he was to do a psychatric evaluation that is required by law, not to evaluate his physical symptoms. Mickey did not know the date, how many stripes are on the US flag or what they stand for. He asked if he had been seriously ill or had a serious accident as a child. Mickey said that he had had an auto accident at 15 that required surgery. Doctor asked how old were you? I asked about when you were a child!! He mentioned 4 times that he has a brother just like Mickey, DDD and depression. I am not sure how to take that comment. He did say before we left that he was sorry that Mickey was in so much pain and he would do what he could to help him. FM was not mentioned nor was any of the many other things that he suffers from. Mickey did tell him that he is not able to stand, sit, walk, lift, etc. And that I have to help him dress. Guess we will just have to wait and see now. How long should it take to hear from SSA? The appointment lasted 20 minutes.
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    I know the two of you were glad to get home. I am so sorry that it was such a bad experience for the both of you. You know sometimes I think that the Doctors see so many people with serious problems that they disconnect there empathy mode out of pure frustation. Anyway...I am glad you survived your appointment, and that the doc survived too. lol
    I don't know how long it will take for the SSA people to get in touch with you. Some others may know and post. I just wanted to say thank you for letting us know how the day went, and to say I'm glad your still hanging in there

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    see my posting as well - what a waste of time and money. Yep I knew who was president - they must have a mix of stupid questions..I wasn't asked about the flag. By law they are not required to let us know what they decide - though they tell us they will. SSD will still take at least 3-4 months before you hear anything. They will drag it out. I'm looking forward to my rejection so I can just turn the damn thing over to an attorney. I am tired of responding, tired of fighting, just want to lie down and not get up for a couple of months.
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    I have my mental exam next Tues. It sounds stupid and not very mental illness defining. An extremely depressed person can still know the president. I can't wait. Sorry ya'll had to go through it.

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    I had a four year battle with SS and believe me it takes it's toll on the body and mind. A huge battle for me, I am so sorry to hear this hasn't gotten much better since I went through it. I won mostly due to chronic depression after being turned down again and again. A judge had the gall to tell me I did not look disabled at all, and I was denied my SS! It took another two years seeing doctors and SS doctors are there to keep you off of SS before you are old enough to get it. It is the same with Workers' Compensation! Keep your chins up and know that eventually you can win. I think children have a better chance than us adults. Your doc sounded a bit encouraging though. I might take 30 to 90 days to know.