I swear this is a real article!

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  1. matthewson

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    And a former co-worker heads the laboratory here.
    This is from a newsletter from the Michigan head-pain and neurological clinic in Ann Arbor, Mi.

    Spring 2001

    Joel R. Saper, M.D., FACP, FAAN

    Sometimes the most awful
    symptom can be entirely harmless.
    Such is the case with a rare condition
    called exploding head syndrome.

    More than 55 cases have been
    reported in the medical literature, but it
    is likely that hundreds, if not thousands,
    of patients have experienced this

    The condition is characterized by a
    terrifying sense of explosive noise in
    the head, and typically occurs within an

    hour or two after falling asleep.
    Individuals report that they are
    awakened by a startling and frightening
    massive sound that can be clearly
    distinguished from a dream. It occurs
    exclusively at night and is not
    accompanied by any pain.

    Activities prior to retiring at
    bedtime do not appear to have any
    relationship to the sound, although
    three physicians who themselves
    suffered from these attacks reported that
    the incidents occurred during periods of
    personal stress or when they were
    particularly tired.

    The attacks may develop at any
    time during life, even in childhood.
    Women are slightly more likely to
    experience these events than men.
    Sometimes two or more attacks may
    occur over a period of days or weeks,
    followed by total remission. Some
    individuals experience only one such attack during a lifetime. A family
    history of similar attacks has been
    reported by a few individuals, and
    some report a history of migraine or
    epilepsy. After the attack, patients often
    feel a sense of terror, rapid heartbeat,
    and anxiety.

    No underlying cause has been
    identified to explain the condition,
    which was first reported in 1988. Some
    authorities have suggested that it may
    have something to do with a sudden
    movement of a middle ear component
    or a .springing open. of the eustachian
    tube. Others have suggested that it may
    be related to a minor seizure in the
    temporal lobe that contains the nerve
    cells for hearing.

    All agree, however, that exploding
    head syndrome is an entirely benign
    condition, is not caused by
    psychological disturbances, but is very
    real and frightening.

    You can read the whole newsletter at http://www.mhni.com/Spring%202001.pdf

    Take care, Sally
  2. brit_17759

    brit_17759 New Member

    I have had this happen to me quite a few times and often wondered what it was and if I was imagining it. so it was refreshing to read that it really does happen and that I am not completely losing it.

    thanks for the great article
  3. pmj952

    pmj952 New Member

    Hurray! I'm not alone! Thank you so much for posting this as it has been happening to me since I was a child--many, many years now. It seems to have gotten worse with FM, especially bad when I haven't slept!

    Deb J.
  4. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I get that slamming door thing too, ka-blammmm. What is with that??
  5. Sonoradora

    Sonoradora New Member

    I was going to sleep (my room was in the basement) and I swore I heard someone coming down the stairs and stopping at my bedroom door. I was convinced it was an ax murderer! lol Suddenly I saw a bright flash of light and a boom. I was freaked!! It took a LONG time to finally fall asleep that night! I figured it must have been a ghost (back in my nontheist days). I hadn't thought much about it, since it happened 20 years ago, but boy I can remember every detail! However, "exploding head" makes a messy picture in my mind! LOL
  6. CFIDSNicole

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    Yes, I have heard of this. I came across a similar article while doing research for another weird head symptom, and I think I've had this happen to me, too. I remember being startled awake by a loud noise wondering what the heck was going on--Afraid of a burgler, I kind of looked around, but no reason for the sound.

    Strange stuff
  7. Megumi

    Megumi New Member

    WOW!!! Talk about a shocker. I was experiencing something very similar which was keeping me awake which is why I am up and on my computer at this rediculous hour!!!

    I hadn't actually gotten to sleep though. I felt I was drifting off then heard an 'explosive' sound - definitely in my head, didn't even jump thinking it was from an outside source. My first thought was that it was weird. Then I started drifting off again and again it happened. Third time did the trick and here I am. Funny how the first post in the message board was about what I'd just experienced!!!

    Glad to know I'm not going crazy!!!!

    Thanks for the post.
  8. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    This has happened to me for as long as I remember. Since I was diagnosed with a mild form of epilepsy last fall I think it may be slight seizures.

    I hear the noise and wake up shaking with my heart racing. Sometimes I scream. My husband has learned to reach over and pat me and say "it's ok". Such a good DH!

    They might say it is benign and doesn't hurt us, but I think it's taken years off my life! Been scared into grey hair (sounds good, right?). LOL

  9. dunnlb

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    I have had it many times over the years. It is awful. I think it could literaly scare someone to death.

    I have mentioned it to several people but haven't found anyone else with it until now. I am glad that I am not the only one.
  10. donnaray

    donnaray New Member

    I've also had it happen. Just as I'm falling asleep, I get this explosion type thing in my head. I thought I was possibly having a mini stroke or something. I'm sooo glad to hear that it's nothing serious. Thanks for the article. I feel much better now........... :)
  11. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I have had the explosion thing happen often, it is a scary feeling. Always when I was just about to fall asleep, or was sleeping a few minutes.

    Since I started taking magnesium it has completely stopped. I have not had this happen for four years now.

    Glad to hear its not harmful, but it sure is a terrifying feeling.

    Shalom, Shirl
  12. virgo_karen

    virgo_karen New Member

    the sound is like a pop sound. It's real loud, it wakes me up. It is when I have just fallen asleep. I kind of figured that it has something to do with me ears because that's where the sound comes from. Didn't really think anybody else has this. Thanks for the post.


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