i talk with a dr at igenex

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    the dr at igenex ask me for my sample number, you will not get him at first, you get a lady then she give you his voicemail, i call the number on his voicemail, i got through to him and we spoke, he looked at my lab work through the sample number that i gave him, he said that my lab work is 70% NOT LYME, the 30% should be follow up with DNA/whole BLOODWORK serum.

    he also stated that the dr that i am seeing is a well known knowledgeable llmd dr....im seeing the PA thou.
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    i didn't know you could call Igenex and get thier doc to give you his take on the test.
    i think i'll be calling street, remember told you my test looked a lot like yours.

    i also got a neg from the cdc/igenex but from what others on the Lyme board said about my test. it looks suspiciously like Lyme to them.

    i just wish i could go to a good llmd, fortunately your over that hump! you know your LLMD is a good one. so keep on asking questions, soon i bet your will be starting a protocol. i wish you luck and hope you see good progress soon!
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    don't rule out the possibility of one of the other stealth pathogens... long list of them, including babesia, bartonella, mycoplasma, and C. Pneumonia (CPn).... they've been found in many dx'd with CF/FM. Most people with a clear Lyme dx find that's just one of the things they have.

    I've also talked to people whose initial Lyme tests were not positive "enough", but after doing a few months of treatment and re-tested, the WB come up clearly positive. Could be for a number of reasons - at any rate, how many spirochetes are in the blood appear to vary.

    Don't ever give up!

    all the best,

    CPn has its own website, btw:

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    i will never gave up....if its not lyme, i have SOMETHING, cause right now im shaking and im not feeling right,

    i supposely have chronic fatigue syndrome since 1995, but i never felt this bad till last year, and i have not seen any improvement since the new year started.

    the lyme dr., has me on lyme drops, TEASEL ROOT, i dont know if im in a herx or not,

    and the dr is not available for me to talk too. I havent taken any drops today..maybe 2morrow.
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    if you're taking teasel... is your doctor going to have/or/having you do Buhner's herbal protocol? I haven't used it, but I've read a lot of his book - for some reason what few things I remember from it, he said that teasel can help people feel better in either the midwest or the northeast, but makes 'Lymies' in the opposite region feel worse. You could be in the latter group. I can't remember if it can provoke a herx in that group, tho it sounds like it.

    Anyway, it's because of the variety of the Lyme Bb species. If that's the protocol he is going to have you more or less follow, you might want to get his book.

    Also there's a yahoo group:

    Hope that helps...

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    I agree with Victoria that in addition to Lyme you should seriously look at infections like Babesia, Bartonella, etc. You could easily have several infections.

    People with fatigue unrelieved by rest should consider babesia.

    Babesia should also be considered if you have sweats or shortness of breath (air hunger), although not everyone with babesia has those symptoms. They often have headaches, dizziness or a "tippy feeling".

    Bartonella should be considered if you have skin rashes, swollen glands, anxiety, sore soles, abdominal pain, tender subcutaneous nodules or sore throats. Again, not everyone has all symptoms.

    Make sure you read the info about coinfections on pages 22-27 of this informative paper:

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    Hi, My Igenex test was also mainly negative but I had a few IND bands. I kept getting sicker and finally went to an LLMD. I had been diagnosed with CFS for over 20 years. The new Dr. did many tests and it turned out I have Bartonella. He said that Bartonella can make the Lyme tests inaccurate. So I could also have Lyme but he is treating me for Bartonella and I am doing better. I hope you get your issue resolved soon, Jess