I think I am going to cry from this pain

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    Yesterday I felt so bad I hurt from head to toe and my stomache hurt so badly, I was not sick to my stomache but the pain in my body is horrialbe and I am in so much pain that I want to scream.
    I feel a bit better today than yesterday but still my body is screaming with pain that nothing seems to ease. I don't know what is going on. Is this just a prt of having fibro? and haiving to live with it's strange effects on my body? I just dont' know. My rehumy is not to big on discussions about all teh things fibro does to ones body. So I dont' have that support system in my doctor and I dont' know when it is my fibro, CMps, or some thing else.
    I did nt' have a fever , tho I was chilling all night but then i am always cold and when the weather is cold I am even colder.
    Please help me am I going nuts or can fibro cause this never ending severe pain thru out my body? I dont' know what is happening to me this time.
    Hurting like heck
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    Over the nearly 20 years I have had FM/ME I have been in and out of such strong pain flares. Very hard to explain why sometimes. But most times it was me over doing it two to three days beforehand.

    Have you had your thyroid function tested?
    Also do you take magnesium which is obligatory in FM (about 400mg daily).
    Also have you learned to meditate in order to reduce excitatory nerve signalling which elevates pain response?
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    Oh My God!! Where do I begin??????? I DON"T know what or How to Explain First?? About 5 yrs ago. I was going thru....so much PAINS!!!!! I could NOT do anything! I HURT that Dang Bad!!!! I felt like I had something very Bad! I Thought I was going to Die. I felt like I was just falling apart literately! Pains so Bad in my Bones and my WHOLE Body I said to myself what the hell is wrong what is going on with me. I mean People was Thinking I was a Hypochondria.....Because it was like over Night that I just felt like Beyond Bad!!!! I felt Pains and feelings and etc,,,,before FEELING this Bad! But NOT as Bad as this! It was like it was SUPER Bad! I thnk what made it happen tho was I was NOT eating Good at all!!!!!!!! I even went to the Doctor at the time and they said all of my ELECTROLYTES were low. I then seen another Doctor and he sent me to a Specialist and I was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. *I have a SEVERE case of it! It seems the older or longer I have had it the WORSE it gets for me. I also have RLS and Capal Tunnel. My Stomach is VERY Bad to where I can't Digest, or eat alot of different foods or drink alot of different fluids. They say I have a Nervous Stomach! The other day ALL Day My Stomach felt like I was Poisoned it HURT that Bad! Sharp Cutting steady Pains!! I ate something it started to Ease up, then after a little bit was coming back. Went away after a while and so far so Good. Almost 2 yrs ago.....I was outside standing all of a sudden it felt like my SUGAR dropped very fast! I waited a little while then went into the house to eat something Because I felt VERY sick to my Stomach, then started hurting.....Bad! So I eat a Sandwhich still felt that way! And started to get worse. So I ate something SWEET! NO change infact the pain went up on the left side of my Stomach, and just sat there and wouldn't go away!!!! So I went to the hospital, they did different tests. Finally after I stayed over NIGHT until almost teh following NIGHT! They wanted to keep me. Because my Pain was sooooooo Bad! That they gave me Moraphine, more than Once and it wasn't changing too much! They couldn't figure out what was wrong! Days after I was back home they called me and said I had H-Pylori. I took Antibiotic's STRONG one's for a Month plus Prilosec. It was supposed to kick the BUG BUTT in my Stomach! BUT soon after I was all done with the meds the symptoms RETURNED! They told me it was too soon to tell if the meds did any good or not. They said I had to wait a few Months before they could test me again! I go back and they come up with poor excuses WHY they won't test me yet! I ended up moving seen another Doctor Because, the Pain in my Stomach was Unbearable again! He didn't think I still had the H-Pylori left in my Stomach he was blaming it on IBS. I STILL to the day have PAIN that feels like that thing is still in there also my SUGAR drops like it did when I was Diagnosed, with it in my Stomach! The other day I thought I was gonna go to the Hospital in an Ambulance, that is how bad my Stomach felt! I DON"T think Fibromyalgia can make your Stomach HURT that Bad! Tell them to check you for H-Pylori, just to be sure. I can go on and on ......and write a BOOK on my Health and How I feel. I am 34 feel like I'm 90!!!!!!!!! As far as the NEVER Ending Pains. I HURT for Months STRAIGHT most of the Flare-Ups............with me is head to toe. I am going to see a Doctor myself for the Fibro. I just can't take and deal with this kind of Pains any more........! You name the Pain I have it/Had it! I am Pretty Much FIGHTING........this all on my own too! Which sucks and is VERY Hard and More Depressing!
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