i think i am herxing!!!!!!

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    i have been on the hypoglycemic diet for a few weeks...started with guifenesin last wed...i have mainly been in bed on and off...not sleeping the whole time...went out to eat with other people last nite, and after dinner they were going for coffee...i got in the car and looked at my sweetie and said'i need to go home, i could barf any minute!!" well we went home and i didn't barf, but felt so sick...my gut is still killing me..i know it is not from the food..i was careful..and today i am fluctuating between sweating myself silly, and freezing..in and out of the bathroom...in bed all day and now i just came to the computer, and i gotta stop soon because i am so nauseous..i might throw up this time!!!!my overall body pain is not as bad as my headache is terrible, gut hurts and this nausea..and very very tired all the time....from what i have read esp. from mikie i think i am herxing....how long does it usually take??or is that a stupid question, since we are all different....
    nite....feeling bad.....
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    In order to be Herxing, one must be killing off pathogens in numbers so large that the body cannot handle it. The symptoms you describe sound like Herxing, but the diet and Guai don't usually kill pathogens like that. That said, however, it is not impossible that the diet and guai are allowing the immune system to function better and it has gone on a killing spree on its own. I've had this happen as my own immune system improves.

    I'm sorry you are feeling so lousy. As mentioned above, it could be the virus which is going around. Take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest as well as drinking lots of fluids. See your doc if you aren't feeling better or are running a fever.

    Love, Mikie