I think i am on the road to recovery

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lou2, May 20, 2003.

  1. lou2

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    hey all,
    For those of you who know me....hello, hope you are all ok!
    I haven't posted in a while, because, i feel ok!
    Yes , you heard me right, i am feeling almost normal.
    I don't really know why but i guess a combination of all the things i do etc may have just pulled together or something?
    I keep 'touching wood' as i am so shocked to be feeling dare i say healthy again. At first about a month ago i didn't like it, as i had been so ill for over a year that it felt weird to feel not in pain, etc etc ...
    The only thing different in the last few months is that ive been taking CANDEX a natural anti candida supplement to go with my diet, which may have helped as my energy levels have gone up loads......and i learnt how to do reiki healing which seems to have helped immensely.

    Anyway I just wanted to post and say hello, and perhaps give some hope to someone, that maybe this does go away! i'm still resting and i don't feel amazing, but i just hope it will last. And for all you younguns out there, one of the reasons i think and my doctor thinks i am recovering so quickly is because i am only 22......
    With love to everyone, gentle hugs....and welcome to all the newbies!
    Lou x
  2. Goodday

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    Lou2 I am so happy for you!!
    I have read that many things contibute to the fibro or CFS. Getting help with just one can make such a difference.
    I also hear that there are remissions. I am praying this lasts for you. We do whatever and by trial and error to feel better. I am very glad you found something that helps you.
    As for myself I am trying the low dose fast-acting naltrexone. I don't feel 100% better, but 50% better. That morning pain and stiffness is gone. And so is the chronic fatigue and about 80% of my depression. I am a true fibro person for the past twenty years and this is the only thing that has given me relief, good releif. I have stopped taking 1/2 of my former meds.
    Now I take Baclofen only now and then and some Norflex for muscle spasms. Getting off the Ultram was a hard thing to do but well worth it. That pill drove me nuts. Really!
    There is hope for all of us. I pray we all find that SOMETHING that helps. You and I are lucky sweetie. Goodday
  3. Princessraye

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    That is wonderful !
    I hope that happens for all some day !
  4. tansy

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    Wonderful news, you must feel so positive about your future now. Good luck with the reiki healing.

    Your doctor was right young people with CFS can completely recover, in fact the odds of doing so are high.

    Earlier diagnosis has helped so this trend should not only continue but the percentage become higher still.

    I know of children and young people bedridden for long periods who go on to recover completely. It's always exciting to hear how they have gone back to their studies, work, have a full social life, start families etc.

    It's good you posted this. Young people with CFS need to be reminded that there's a very good chance they will recover.


  5. mrmadd

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    Hey, Iam 21, and have been slowly recovering. Ive had this for about 2 years. lou2, write me back, I like to hear what you did to help recover. My question is...Iam currently taking a few supplements..Iam hoping this will aid im my recover....anythoughts from anyone.
  6. lou2

    lou2 New Member

    thanks for the support!
    to mrmadd,...
    what i am taking is:

    Magnesium 1000mg a day (i have a deficiency in this)
    iron (also a deficiency)
    selinium (as above!)
    high dose vit C
    oregano (to go with diet)
    Hep(as above)
    Garlic (as above)
    Glucosamine sulphate (for joints)
    Chronium (to stabalise blood sugar)
    Revenol (strong antioxidant)
    Fish oils omega 3and 6
    Candex (to go with diet, natural antifungal)

    think thats all!
    Have been taking those since about september. Also at the start of this year i had 5 weeks worth of 'myers cocktails' which you may have heard of, which are injections of magnesium, folic acid, b12 and lignocaine

    I have been on a very strict anti candida diet since october.
    I think being proactive is very important.........Um loads and loads of rest. I have tried, shiatzu, reiki, i see an osteopath regularly.
    I don't take any prescribed medications, i don't believe in them, and i think its worked out the best for me.
    I honestly don't know why i suddenly feel so much better, as i really thought i would neevr feel better again, things are getting better,. I moved back to london (i was at home wiht my family ) and have even been out and about almost everyday. I go back to college in october (hoepfully). But trying to rest. I go to a CFS/FMS clinic in london and my doc says i MUST pace myself!

    well! anyway i just hope i stay feeling like this and continue to get better again, its been a rough ride. Anyway my email is on my profile and so if you want to chat or anything, feel free to email me!

    take care, and thanks everyone again!!
    lou x