I think I figured out my fibro cause

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  1. Carolyn0508

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    Hello all,

    It just hit me that when I was 6 I was treated for rheumatic fever - I didn't actually have it but was so close I took shots for 2 years. Sooo, I figure that could have started the ball rolling and fibro finally reared its ugly head when I was 35 (48 now). Any comments would be appreciated.

  2. Kay2

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    I didn't have CFS until I got the flu shot. I was working the pipeline in Alaska, and had a flu shot when I was going on my R & R for two weeks. Well I got deathly sick after that and was sick for the whole two weeks. I use to run on VERY little sleep also, but after that spell, I have NEVER felt the same again. My doctor also put me in icu because he couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and I think he thought I was dying. I thought I was. From Very active to lifeless. Am doing better now, but have never gotton my energy back. I do believe it was caused from the shot. Who knows what they put in all these shots we all get or have gotton.If I knew then, what I know now, I would have never gotton one nor would I have gotton my kids shots. I have also had the hepatitis -B series about 3 times. Had to working in a hospital. Here is a great phone # for vaccine info should anyone need it. National Vaccine info Center dedicated to informing parents about vaccinations, exemptions, and legal information. 1-800-909-shots. also their web sight is the same as the phone # except for the 800 part. VERY GOOD web sight!! It is VERY SHOCKING, the things they cover on the web sight EEK!!! If I had kids I would be doing lots of reading on this sight. Its so sad because we aren't told about any of this that is going on. It makes my blood boil. Take care
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    You certainly may be on to something. I think many of us have underlying catalysts for these DDs, and I don't think it's the same for all of us. In my case, I had undiagnosed food allergies (and the resulting "leaky gut syndrome") that, I believe, led me to have FM symptoms (which worsened over time due to the fact that I didn't recognize this as a problem, & took no steps to correct it). Now, I know (wish I'd known 20 years earlier!) and am on a very slow road back.....

    I agree with you. And we really need to be detectives with this illness! But we just may figure out what the underlying catalyst was.....and sometimes (not always) there may be things we can do to start to heal....

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    Hi Carolyn,

    I always blame my FMS on my back surgery, but
    am beginning to wonder myself. When I had the
    surgery (which was unsuccessful), I used to have
    to take walks every day. Taking a 10 minute
    would KILL me. I always told my mother that I felt
    like I dug ditches all day. I always blamed my fatigue
    on my back pain. That was in 91. I was diagnosed
    with FMS in 94.

    I never really tried to analyze my FMS but am now
    thinking about a few things that I have put in the past.

    The first thing is that when I was in 5th grade I was very
    sick and missed two months of school. (LOL - I wrote work and had to fix it). I remember my teacher (later) telling me she thought I looked like I had leukemia. I just remember being sick as a dog and going from dr. to dr. I just asked my mother if I was diagnosed with
    an infection or anything. She says I was on antibiotics
    but she thinks it was for a urine infection.

    Also, when I was 19 (1981) I was a phlebotomist in the local
    hospital for an internship and summer job. One day
    when I had to draw blood from a surgery patient, the
    operating nurse gave me the needle back without
    a cover and she stuck me. The patient either had
    or was being tested for Hepatitis. I know I went to
    the ER and was given immuno globulin or something
    like that.

    Also, prior to my back injury, in around 1987, I went
    on vacation to Mexico and came back so very very sick.
    None of my friends got sick and we all pretty much did
    the same thing. I was very careful and didn't eat any
    fruit or veggies or their water, etc. THat was the sickest
    I have ever been.

    I am wondering if any of this could be a factor at all
    in this DD? Like I said, I never thought about it before
    and none of my drs are aware of this. Not that I think
    they would think anything of it. Just wondering if you
    think anything sounds plausible and if maybe it would
    help me get a dr. to test me for mycoplasmas? I have
    never really forced the issue with my dr.- but then again,
    I don't even know if he is aware of this angle. It would
    be so nice to find a dr. who actually did as much research as I do!

    Thanks for listening.
    Would like thoughts.

    PS I guess I always put more focus into getting
    rid of the FMS then how I got it.