I think i finally got into the thick Doctors head what Fibro is

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by serenety, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. serenety

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    Religeously for 3 mths now i have tormented the life out of my doctor. Haleluja he now apcepts i`ve got Fibro & it`s not in my head...Yippee.
    Here`s an up date of what has been happening.
    About 5 yrs plus ? Can`t remember when for sure...Fibro Fog
    My Reumatologist diagnosed me with Fibro, brilliant i thought i`m not mad the pain is real & i`m not gonna be told it`s all in my head & stop being silly.
    for years i`ve took the amitritylin to make me sleep & took the cipralex for depression.. no probs.
    Got my DLA( disability living allowance ) high rate mobility so i can park almost any where & i don`t have to pay for road tax & in December i got my motability car, a brand spanking new Vauxhaull Astra Diesil 1.3, i pay £170 a month for 3 yrs & in that package i don`t pay for nothing else exept for the fuel. So that`s no servising ,no repairs nothing if i get a puncture i have to phone the RAC to mend it
    I also get low rate care allowance..now this is the one i`m trying to change, every time i fill out the forms & tell them how bad i am & that steve does almost everything all they give me is the low rate...Grrrrr.
    Well since september i`ve been getting a pain in my muscle on the right bum cheek
    The Dr at the time said " oh it`s nothing it will go by it`s self. Haaaa yeh wot ever.
    I went back in January & decided to try another Dr, i told him what the other Gp said & i told him it hadn`t gone away & that it had actually got worse because every time i moved or bent down the pain was bad. The pain eventually started to move to my hip which then sent shooting pains down my leg. I then some how hurt my foot & it still hurts to this day. It`s on the same foot that i have heel spurs & plantifascheitus (sp) which is where the muscles in the foot start to tear. So for 3 mths i`ve been hobbling around like a 90 yr old. So like i say i saw the Gp & he asked me if i got pain in the small of my back & i said" yeh come to think of it i get really painfull shooting pains that go down my leg " "Ah " he says " it`s siatica" oh great i think something else wrong with me when will it end. So i keep goin back & he gives me some Anti inflametaries." This will make it better" he says. Mmmmmm i think.
    "Yeh but what about my Fibro could this be doin it" I ask. "No it`s nothing to do with that, i`ll send you for some physio & start exercising it`ll help " Ahhhhhhh i `ve got Fibro i can`t exercise if i do i`ll end up worse, plus it will leave me exhausted & i`ll be no use to man or beast..(well my cat & two dogs)So they give me an apointment for the physio 2 mths away.
    So thought stuff it i`ve had enough of been taken for an idiot. So i`ve been goin back every one to two wks i dare say if he saw me in the street he`d say hi...LOL
    So he gives me some Co Codamol, i go back..." it`s not working". Get a higher Dose, feel drowsy & vomit all day. Still in pain get a major flare lasts 5 days goes away for one day comes back ten times worse lasts for another 4 days then the neck pain & violent headaches start, couldn`t even get on to the comp `cos i was so bad. I`m exhausted have been for 3mths now can`t do a dam thing. I can`t cope any more.
    So out of sheer desperation i phones the hospital to see if there were any Gp`s in Barnsley that actually understand what Fibro is ! Hospital haven`t got a clue so i phones round all the Gp`s.. no joy then on the last phone call the receptionist says as your practice if any of the Gp`s there understand it, so i did.
    This is what i said... lol.
    " hello, it`s (me) can you tell me if any of our doctors no abouyt Fibromyalgia `cos the one i`m seeing hasn`t got a blumming clue "
    Well it worked.....Yippee i went back to the doctors at 17.10 today & he finally said " i can`t give you any thing else for the headaches `cos nothing will work " ( finally ) So i will send you for another physio appointment to sort your neck but i think it` s the Fibro causeing this& if it is i`m sorry but we can`t help you " Now don`t get me wrong guys i do wish they could do something but it` s progress the Gp that i have been seeing for mths has done his home work & now knows what Fibro is.
    I told him i`d resent for the DLA form to get my care higher & he said " i will tell them about all the pain & exhaustion you`ve been through in the last 3 mths & they should give you the extra money to make my life more comfortable".
    He gave me some info on Fibro... fool i already knew it all but at least now so does he.
    So the moral of this story is keep going back to the drs till they finally listen.

    So sorry it`s been long but i wanted to tell you all what has been happening.

    Hugs Serenety.
  2. momof471

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    Good for you for sticking to it and educating the doctor's! Its good when you feel you finally have one that understands!

    God Bless
  3. Shalala

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    (((((((((( hugs )))))))))))) they are dumb

    It took my DR 7 years now (with this PCP) to call it fibromyalgia. She was told by Physical Therapist that I have all of the obvious signs of fibro over 4 years ago and it wasn't until recently she actually muttered the words fibromyalgia. I found my own Rheumy no thanks to her and hope he will be able to help me but I don't see him until April 17th. I can barely type this. I am on Lyrica and it really doees a number on me. Sorry.

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