I think i may have found a cure..

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    I have suffered from chronic fatigue for the last 8 years and have had no luck with doctors finding out what is wrong with me..well i went to a renowned alternative medicine doc the other day and said i may have wilsons syndrome..it is a thyroid problem where ones body temp is consistently low..do a search and u'll find tons of info..he also mentioned that tests are often inconclusive..anyway he wants me to measure my body temp 3 times a day for a week..if my body temp is consistently 97.0-98.0 he said i definately have wilsons syndrome..well i have measured my body temp for 3 days now and it averages out to be 97.8..i am very optimistic that I have finally found out what is wrong with me..by the way, whats everyones temp right now??
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    I find that very interesting. My temp is usually low (97.6) and my chiroprator gave me a kit to collect my saliva and send it in to the lab for testing my thyroid. She also believes that standard tests are not conclusive.

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    You mentioned Wilson's Syndrome, but what is the cure. I too always have low temp. Ususally 96.something. Very interesting. I'd like to hear more about this.
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    Just wanted to say Good Luck. I hope that this is true for you and that consequently you find what you need, but please be careful, check the following link...

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    Wishing you peace.
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    You found out what the problem is.

    It may be Wilson's or may be not. It seems certainly thyroid related and getting treament for it will make you feel lots better.

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    I recently went from a T4 only to a T4/T3 combo. The T4 didn't do anything but make my tests look normal again. When I added T3, I started to feel better. I have had an entire week of working 8 hr days again. I still get tired, and I still hurt, but the brain fog is better and, well I just feel better. So, whatever works. I could see patients having a problem with just T3. Not a cure, but sure makes life easier :) Worth checking into in my opinion. BTW you could check out the about (normal ending) website and go to the thyroid forums. They talk a lot about T3 and T4 and the different meds and what they do.
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    My temperature consistently runs low- 96.5-97.0. I'll have to check Wilson's out. I hhave been on both Cytomel and Synthroid at the same time but am only on Synthroid right now. I felt better on both but when I moved and switched doc's, I got a "doc in the box" who didn't even take a history. I've got a much better doc now who actually does her research AND listens to her patients.
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    Hi ... newbie here. Dr. Wilson doesn't get too much respect, but I think he may be onto something. Still, it may be only part of the problem. I am very interested in the thyroid (hypothyroid in particular) question. In my layperson research I'm hearing more and more about success with hormone replacement/supplementation. But I've also heard it can be a long road to finding a doc who will consider this sort of treatment, and then finding the proper dose and type of hormones. Another doc who is at the forefront of the thyroid theory is Dr. John Lowe. His site is very informative. <www.drlowe.com> I have no commercial interest in this site - just found it useful. Best of luck to you!
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    I just read the section on Wilson's at thyroid.org and concur with what it says. Most of the symptom's listed with Wilsons are also found in CFIDS and FMS. I see no reason to have yet another diagnosis when we already have there two. Medical inflation....JMHO.
  10. g868

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    thanks for ur replies..i may be getting excited for nothing but wilsons syndrome seems to be the most logical reason why i feel so tired all the time..i beleive my doctor uses a time released thyroid hormone for treatment..i am supposed to start with a small dose the gradually increase it until my body temperature reaches 98.6..my next appointment is in 2 weeks which im pretty sure he will start me on thyroid therapy..my mom and sister also have chronic fatigue and they have been to every doctor under the sun..when i got back from my initial docs appointment and told them about wilsons syndrome they took their temperature and sure enough both had temperatures of 97.2..ill keep everyone updated
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    Why is it treated with penicillin? I had read some about Wilson's and thought it was a thyroid problem that runs primarily in certain races and nationalities (primarily Irish, blacks and Amer. Indians). It is thought to be an adaptation by ancestors who were starving and had to slow their metabolisms to survive. Then the slower metabolism is passed on. Isn't it treated with thyroid hormone?
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    I had hypothyroid while I was pregnant with my first child and then it went away. All tests since then have shown that my thyroid is normal, but my body has been telling me otherwise. I've been completely confused, and frustrated with the doctors(but what else is new, right?). Thanks for this bit of info on wilsons syndrome....I'm definately going to be researching this! By the way, my temp is always around 97.0-98.0. In fact, I just took it and it's 97.3. Very, very intersting!!!!